Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One If By Land, Two If By Sleigh

*mount horse*

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming!

Truvy here. =)

I am so freakin excited that I should probably be locked up. The holidays are my favorite time of the year! I am currently crocheting a variety of pumpkins. In a couple weeks I hope to move onto Christmas items. =)

A decent amount of the Christmas shopping is already done or at least planned (pictures for Christmas. perfect!!) and I already know where my tree is going. =D

Stay tuned for more holiday posts of awesome coming soon!

<3 Truvy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm A Mess

Truvy here. We suck. Too much craziness (and laziness) going on lately.

Let's see...what's been going on......Oh! I know! So, gross but weird fact about me....I had my first post-partum period when Lil Bit was 5 months old. I had my second post-partum period when she was 17 months old. A month or so before the second reared it's insufferable head I had made an appointment with the endocrinology specialist down here to figure out what was going on. So of course I started 2 days before my appointment. Well, he ordered blood tests and put me on birth control. By the way, my brith control is awesome 24 days of the pack. It's chewable and minty and sweet!! The last 4 days of the's chewable and tastes like seafood roadkill that has been laying in the sun for 3 days. Anyway, back to the point. Two weeks later I went for a follow-up for the lab work. Turns out I'm fat. Who knew!? My cholesterol is a little high, so is my blood sugar. I'm still waiting for word on the follow-up labs for the blood sugar deal. Bleh. So I am now on Metformin as well.

I am also on a 2000 calorie a day diet. Doable. But the kicker? I am supposed to have 1000 healthy (no breads, excessive sugars, etc) calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch, and 500 for dinner. How do you get that many calories into 5 seconds before you rush out the door? How do you pack 1000 calories into any amount of time without eating any type of bread? The doctor said to have a single boiled or scrambled egg and a bowl of oatmeal. That is not 1000 calories. So one day I doubled up the oatmeal. I could barely finish it, let alone eat anything else. This will be challenging for sure.

Health tip of the day: Do you know how much water you are supposed to drink? Say you weigh 200 pounds. You divide your weight by 2. Leaving 100. That is how many ounces you are supposed to drink. I calculated it all out. You know those 16.9 ounce bottles of water? I'm supposed to drink SEVEN of those each day. And somehow not have to invest in a life raft. On a good day at work I can get in maybe 7. One before break, one during and after break, one after lunch, one during and after next break, and take one home to drink on. I may squeeze in another when I take my pills at night. Unless I have delicious soda. Mmmmmmmmm.

So this week's grocery shopping trip (where I might have a little room to actually buy plenty of nutritious snacks) I plan to ensure healthy and yummy snacks and meals for each day. Luckily in the produce section at WalMart they have these mini veggie trays w/ a small cup of ranch dressing (I didn't even use all of it), a stick of cheese, a handful of almonds, some carrot sticks, and some broccoli. Perfect to take to work for my 15 minute breaks. Or just purchase on my way to the break room. (Yes, I'm a slave to the Wal.) Maybe even add in a banana every once in a while.

I'm growing more and more optimistic, even though I have this weird thing where I am super picky about food. Most fruits and vegetables I can't handle. I like apples, bananas, sometimes oranges (don't like the pulpiness), green grapes, broccoli, carrots, spinach, lettuce, onion only when deep fried in ring form, peas, potatoes, and I think that's pretty much it. I'll eat tomato sauce, but not tomatoes. And if there are bell peppers, you can forget it. Or olives, or pickles...unless it is sweet relish in tuna salad or potato salad.

I am a mess. No doubt about it. But I will hopefully be here more to vent, entertain, and inform.

On a different note, I have recently discovered the art of crochet. And I am hopelessly hooked. Teehee. Ouiser and I are happy hookers, yes we are. Stay tuned for potential pictures of our endeavors.

<3 Truvy