Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ouiser's Kicking Ass...

...and taking names. While I can not really go into the details here although I touched on it in my last post, suffice it to say, some information has come to light that if it is discovered to be true, will make one corporation very unhappy once I'm done with them. The ball landed in my court so to speak, and here goes the return! :)

Of course, I'm also a bit of a weenie and have yet to hit submit on the form. Something about the idea of potentially becoming a sitting duck for corporate. I'll get there though. In the end, it'd be worth it, if only to prevent this from happening to someone else. 

Anyway, We are still looking for a new abode. Even though the landlord says they will be taking care of all the issues we listed (and they've started with the water, which, while it's a biggie, obviously isn't the biggest. But whatever.) Don't get me wrong, if all the issues with this place are taken care of we would have no problems staying here. I kinda like it here other than the fact that I feel we really ARE too far in the middle of nowhere. That can be good, or bad. Depends on your outlook I suppose.

I'm thinking about starting a new personal blog. More like a collection of essays et cetera. I have a few blogs but I rarely use them anymore, but I feel the writing bug itching at me again. Believe it or not, I actually used to be a good writer. I wrote every single day. These days, it just seems that there's nothing to write about. Hell, I haven't even finished my book "Boxes and Doors" yet! Oh, I have plenty of poems half completed for it, but it's that whole 'getting it done' part that stymieing me. I spend most of my days couponing, looking for freebies, working and naturally taking care of Wee Man.

Speaking of Wee Man, he's learned a few new words as of late. They are, in no particular order:

Whoo Hoo


and my personal favorite HA HA (said like Nelson Muntz)

Needless to say, we will NOT be going to Hooters again anytime soon til he FORGETS that word. Perferrably til he's at least 16. And yes...I AM the one who taught him 'boobies'. But in my defense, I didn't think he'd be able to say 'breasts'. He kept pulling the front of my shirt down and going 'that? that?' after a fair amount of time I finally pried his hand off my shirt and went "BOOBIES!! Boobies okay??"

The next thing I know, I see him pause, give me a big grin and say in his tiny voice

"boobies" "boobies boobies boobies"

*shakes head*

I've created a monster!

Monday, April 16, 2012

The wonderful thing about WIC.

Money is that is when we get creative. I did my WIC shopping yesterday. It was perfect timing because we are flat broke and had just run out of milk, bread, and juice. We were also very low on peanut butter and cheese. WIC to the rescue!

WIC wraps:
Scramble, fry, etc  some delicious eggs. Season if you wish. While that is going, heat up one tortilla per egg in the microwave for like 30 seconds. Spread some peanut butter on each tortilla, then add some cheese along the center where the egg will lay. Substitute jelly if you have it for a sweet breakfast. When the eggs are done, lay one egg in the center of each tortilla straight from the pan. Wrap the tortilla in thirds as you would a burrito. Serve immediately.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The word of the day is FREE. =)

It is amazing what all you can accomplish for free if you get a little creative. I have been taking lil bit to the bay to swim and play in the sand for the last few days. By spending an hour or 2 I'm the sand each day for about 3 days, I am already noticing a drastic reduction in my nasty callouses. What could be better than a free pedicure? Lol. O yea! I am also getting a decent tan for a change. Screw the tanning bed! And the kiddo is entertained. Woohoo! And all I pay is gas money.

I got creative last night. Our super comfy brown couch should be shot. It is broken and saggy. But couches cost money, so we are stick with it for now. So last night I was trying to decide if I wanted to throw out or keep some of the boxes I unpacked a couple of days ago. So I compromised and saved my sofa at the same time! I broke down (flattened) the boxes and stacked them under the cushion with the sagging problem. I put about 10 boxes. Voila! Sag solved! And the next time I need a box, I have a hidden stash.

So what have you gotten for free lately? =)

<3 Truvy

With The Best Intentions...


Life in Ouiser-land is the moment. The Wee Man has decided that clothes are bad and diapers are just plain evil. I have had to resort to cutting out the feet of his feetie pajamas and putting them on him backwards, just so I can get some sleep when I get home in the mornings without waking up every few minutes to make sure that he hasn't decided it's NEKKID TIME and bounce around in his crib, stopping ever so often to stick his weiner out between the slats and peeing on the floor (always the floor, never the bed...small favors I suppose)

Things are the same as usual at Le Lifesuck (aka WORK), though admittedly after my last what we will call MELTDOWN OF EPIC PROPORTIONS(invovling a very snarky yet to the point Nasty-Gram), people FINALLY started buckling down and doing their jobs. I am only one person and I kick ass, but I refuse to do the job of everyone else simply because they can't be bothered. It's also worth noting that I have evidently gotten overlooked (ignored) for promotion. AGAIN. For those of you who are keeping count, this is the NINTH. Yes NINTH time. What's even more sad is that the person I was bumped for the THIRD time is now the person I was bumped for for the NINTH. There is something truly fucked up about that. Evidently corporate thinks I'm a troublemaker (who me?) because I won't kiss ass, suck up or allow them to walk all over me. That's right kids, Ouiser takes shit from NO ONE. *nods* obviously at the expense of a promotion and more money, but I won't lower myself to get there*

I also won't start an entry at 1pm and forget about it til almost 9pm...oopsie. intentions.

"Boxes and Doors" did not meet my self imposed deadline. It's almost done though so MAYBE this month?

My diet and exercise program has been derailed (again) by sickness. The Creeping Crud is making another round here it seems. It started Sunday with a mildly twitchy nose and has now segued into a throbbing head, sneezing, snotting, coughing, wait who put this elephant on my chest type thing.  Sunlight hurts my head worse so all my windows have now been covered. Darkness is good....

See! I've lost my train of thought...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The bunnies are coming! The bunnies are coming!

sooooooooooo... =) Easter is only a few days away. the Easter bunny went on a walgreen's run yesterday. eggs have been bought. sausage sister schuberts are in the freezer. I'm excited!

and now I am turning my attention to actual cottontails. I planted some seed starters today...lettuces, spinach, carrots, corn, beans, and peas. yummy yummy! the bunnies will undoubtedly agree once I transfer the starters to the earth. I figure I have about a month to acquire bunny-proof fencing. to the interwebz! well...later I shall look.

right now I am laying on the couch watching dr. g. lil bit and hubs are sleeping. it is so peaceful! I spouse I could go start tonight's dinner marinating. om nom nom. I'm excited for that as well! lol.

after that I will, once again, tackle operation: organize. I know...I'm scared too.

<3 Truvy

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Truvy is back!

I found a way to post from my phone. lol. a brief review...let's see...

-i upgraded from a dumbphone to a smartphone.
-we moved out of hell into a trailer. fine by me. lol.
-except for the rat...
-lil bit is now 2, so she has now been replaced by a squirrel with a nasty coke habit.
-we all got the flu.
-i got fired because I was out sick with said flu. ikr. wtf.

so now I have filed unemployment. I also have a food stamp appointment tomorrow so we can hopefully eat something besides sammiches and cheese balls. in the mean time, I am throwing myself back into being a stay at home mommy. it's lovely. someone please fetch my bon bons. lol. luckily I got canned at the beginning of summer. woohoo! we have hit up the park, the river, the bay...and maybe next week we will be heading to the beach. this is the best place on earth to be a sahm. I am also trying to get a crafty business going. we shall see how that goes.

to celebrate my return to the title of "domestic goddess" I will share with everyone my struggles in domesticity. right now my struggle is housekeeping....and unpacking....and finding time to work out. my project for tonight is to program reminders into my phone via the cozi app of what needs to be done throughout the day.

wish me luck!

<3 Truvy