Monday, January 30, 2012

Sushi Spendthrifts!

Ouiser here. Finally healthy at last (I think). It only took THREE EFFIN' WEEKS!! The final hurrah for The Creeping Crud™ started Wednesday when Hubby got sick, that night, after what seemed to be the longest night on earth for Ol Ouiser at work, I came crawling home, with a 102 fever, chills, hot, puking (oh gods the puking!!!) collapsed into bed and refused to be touched. (Touching would send me into shrieks of pain and cause me to curl up into the fetal position whimpering...yeesh) But yeah. I'm back, I'm (mostly) healthy and I saved a whopping 24 percent on my groceries today.

Yeah. A measly twenty four percent. I COULD have done better. I even had THE LIST. But...From now on, I swear I'm just going to do the shopping by MYSELF. I'm price checking the stuff we needed and whatnots and he's going for store brand (when the sale was cheaper than the store brands...) *sigh* so yeah there was about 20 bucks we didn't need to spend, but whatever. (Yeah I also didn't NEED the 11 bucks worth of sushi, but I had budgeted for that and it was my treat for having to work 6 days in a row this week so neener neener).

Ok, the sushi wasn't that great. Note to self: Do not get the crunchy spicy California rolls. Was not impressed.

I also picked up a book at the Dollar Store about 365 ways to live cheap. I'll be reading through that this week and plucking the gems and talking about them here. I will also not start an entry on Saturday and not get around to finishing it on Monday because the Wee One is sick again with the sneezies and the snotties and the occasional coughies. And yes, in case you were wondering, he DID in fact sneeze in my eyes. Again. Which means that I forsee another round of the Crud™ around the corner. AGAIN. Only because this is how the whole cycle started to begin with. He got sick, sneezed in my eyes, I obviously incubated for about a week and then all hell broke loose. Bleh.

Maybe I should load up on the garlic.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Road To Ouiser-Ville Healthiness.

We've seemed to have FINALLY combated the Creeping Crud that has circulated through the house for the last two weeks. Wee Man is better and finally gaining weight again (helps when he actually eats as opposed to playing with his food). Hubby no longer looks like a hamster hoarding golf balls in his mouth, and after almost two weeks of not being able to speak without sounding like a derranged muppet I finally had to break down and get checked out.

Note to self: even though the original infection (the strep) is gone doesn't mean that those nifty secondary infections didn't sneak in behind it which caused the problems. Yeah, I have a sinus infection, an ear infection and pharyngitis (as a result of the untreated strep). One mega dose of steroids later I can FINALLY speak and swallow (shut up Truvy, not that kind of swallowing, though I'm sure some folks wouldn't mind*lmao*) again. Now I'm on a nifty Z-pack and Flonase (which I can't get til Friday so I hope the steroids last til then so we can continue on the Road To Ouiser-Ville Health). So let this be a lesson, it's MUCH cheaper to get the original infection taken care of BEFORE you get the secondary infections. MUCH cheaper. Just sayin'.

Over the weekend Hubby and I finally got around to putting the plastic over the windows. Worked well for a day til that storm blew through yesterday...A gust popped the plastic from the tape so we have to retape them. Ah well. But it did raise the temperature in here by about 5-6 degrees before that occurred. Hopefully this will be the end to our entirely too expensive electric bills. Over 200 dollars MY ASS!

Gotten quite a few freebies in the mail this week. My personal favorite is the memory foam sample. It looks and feels like a giant sponge. I may make a tiny case for it and have a mini pillow. Works for me!

Be on the look out for the revamped version of Freebie Thursdays coming up. I'm gonna get on it tomorrow after I get home from work, I'll be looking for all the neatest freebies I can find and post them here for y'all. Of course, our favorite feature Friday Night W(h)ine will be back as well this week.

Til then

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ouiser and The Full Body Heebie-Jeebies

It's been a helluva week lemme tell ya. The little one is finally all better, but I kept getting over one illness and falling right into another. BAM BAM BAM...turns out I didn't have the flu(which is good), had strep throat and tonsillitis. Still sucky.

So the strep starts going away and everything but my throat is still killing me. But at least I no longer sound like a deranged muppet when I speak. I spent most of last week sounding like Janis from the Muppet Show. But NOW I've got a cold AND bronchitis!


My body can evidently only handle one crisis at a time, but this is getting to be a bit much. Thankfully, I have my best friend NyQuil (and its cousin TheraFlu) to help beat this beast into submission. Unfortunately, there's one tiny side effect (which occurs immediately after swallowing it)


What's that you ask? It's the face-twisting, tongue sticking out, WeeMan looks at Mommy like she's lost her ever-loving mind(shut up!), foot stomping, full body shake at the taste of the stuff. It works though. I can zzzzzzzzz through the night (or day..whichever) and NOT hack up a lung...or two. Nor do I end up hacking so hard I nearly pee on myself (ahh the joys of having had a child on your bladder for months, even 2 years later I still nearly piss myself if I get to coughing too hard...whucking hell? I had a c-section, this should logically not be occurring...but I digress)

Thankfully, Hubby is off Monday so I have three (well two now) days to get some PROPER rest and HOPEFULLY kick this bug out for good before going back to work Monday night. I can hope right? I'm running out of things to try and 'cure' this. I even resorted to hot and sour soup to try and burn it out so it speak (gah it burns it burns!!!)

If all else fails, I'll use that dab of wasabi I got with my sushi from the grocery store (a rare treat as it's expensive, but damn it's good).


Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Sleep Wars

I am fairly certain my child never intends to sleep again.....ever.

Nap time? Oh that's funny.

Bed time? No thanks. I would rather stand at the door screaming and beating my head against the door. For an hour. At midnight.

I am about to lose it.

Hubby is watching her tomorrow while I work 8:30am-5pm.....I am suggesting no nap. We shall see how bed time goes. *sigh*

Why does she protest something I willingly do at the drop of a hat?

<3 Truvy

Sunday, January 8, 2012

We Got The Funk!

Ouiser here coming at you live from my sickbed. We've ALL been sick this week. WeeMan had an ear infection and then two days later I get the flu AND strep throat *sigh* and now Hubby has some kind of infected tooth/mouth thing that makes him look like he's a hamster hoarding golf balls. (heehee she said 'balls')

The Wee Man is doing MUCH better now and is even eating again.(he literally ate EVERYTHING we put on his tray last night) I just WISH I could eat. Attempting to swallow makes me all stabby inside. This just SUCKS!

I even had to call out of work Friday night. Course when I left Friday morning I could barely stand up straight and one had better not even THOUGHT about touching me as the mere brush of a finger was enough to send me into hysterical howling. That was before I lost my voice though. Now I can be touched but can't talk. The little one of course is taking advantage of this fact and the hubby can't hear me half the time which means I end up having to steel myself and shout very quickly...which doesn't help matters thanks.

So here we are in OuiserLand, chugging the Sprite, the tea, the salt water gargles and sipping super watery potato soup.

Speaking of potatoes, that 20 pound bag I bought last month? Yeah, I have about 3 pounds left. Luckily this week RED POTATOES were on sale...20 pound bags...yep I got one.

It's Ouiser vs the Potatoes Part Two...w00t!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't Call It A Comeback, Er, I Mean Resolution

Truvy here.

It's that time of year again where we all set ourselves up for complete and absolute failure.

Let's make a change this year. Instead of "resolving", let's just "try."

This year I will make an honest effort to be more organized and less cluttered. To celerate, I unsubscribed from THREE newsletters on my personal email. Told em to kiss my grits and stop flooding my email that may or may not be filled with 2500 unread messages currently...

I am also "trying" to get my own business started so I can quit working for a bunch of people who have bad attitudes and poor management skills. At the minimum, I hope to cut my hours back to maybe 10 a week. But I really just want to get the heck out of dodge.

I am also going to "try" my hand at potty training. Changing diapers is for the birds. And big girl panties are friggin adorable!!

Also, I will "try" not to forget I am writing a post and leave the page for 2 hours. lol.

Goodnight Mamas!
<3 Truvy

Happy New Year From CM!

And by CM I DON'T mean "Cervical Mucus".

We have lots of changes in store here at Champagne Mommyhood for the coming year. A new look, more bloggy-goodness and more money saving tightwaddery abounds! Course, this means that we actually have to get off our duffs and DO these things, but we'll get there!

Here in KY, it's blue ass cold. Well to us old people anyway. The 215 dollar electric bill I recieved in the mail today is also a testament to that fact.


So we're going to add this to "Ouiser's Money Saving Projects For the Month"

Plasticing all the windows (is that even a word??). We'll probably do that this weekend. I can't get my house above a toasty 65 degrees in the living room, and above 60 in my bedroom. Thankfully the little one's room gets to about 70, but he's still snotty and coughing. BOO!

Also on tap this year (and before March!) is:

The building of the toybox. I am going to build a toybox. Not sure how, but I'm gonna do it. Weeman has a metric assload of toys and the cardboard just isn't cutting it anymore. So, I have the plan in my mind, now to execute it.

Also in the works here is

The Great Rocking Chair Redo. I've been putting this one off for over a year. I have the paint. A nice barn red. The chair (which was Robert's when he was a little one), and the time. Sorta.

Pics will undoubtedly follow.

Ouiser (the potato queen...I still have about 10 lbs of potatoes left...maybe less)