Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year From CM!

And by CM I DON'T mean "Cervical Mucus".

We have lots of changes in store here at Champagne Mommyhood for the coming year. A new look, more bloggy-goodness and more money saving tightwaddery abounds! Course, this means that we actually have to get off our duffs and DO these things, but we'll get there!

Here in KY, it's blue ass cold. Well to us old people anyway. The 215 dollar electric bill I recieved in the mail today is also a testament to that fact.


So we're going to add this to "Ouiser's Money Saving Projects For the Month"

Plasticing all the windows (is that even a word??). We'll probably do that this weekend. I can't get my house above a toasty 65 degrees in the living room, and above 60 in my bedroom. Thankfully the little one's room gets to about 70, but he's still snotty and coughing. BOO!

Also on tap this year (and before March!) is:

The building of the toybox. I am going to build a toybox. Not sure how, but I'm gonna do it. Weeman has a metric assload of toys and the cardboard just isn't cutting it anymore. So, I have the plan in my mind, now to execute it.

Also in the works here is

The Great Rocking Chair Redo. I've been putting this one off for over a year. I have the paint. A nice barn red. The chair (which was Robert's when he was a little one), and the time. Sorta.

Pics will undoubtedly follow.

Ouiser (the potato queen...I still have about 10 lbs of potatoes left...maybe less)

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