Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ouiser and The Full Body Heebie-Jeebies

It's been a helluva week lemme tell ya. The little one is finally all better, but I kept getting over one illness and falling right into another. BAM BAM BAM...turns out I didn't have the flu(which is good), had strep throat and tonsillitis. Still sucky.

So the strep starts going away and everything but my throat is still killing me. But at least I no longer sound like a deranged muppet when I speak. I spent most of last week sounding like Janis from the Muppet Show. But NOW I've got a cold AND bronchitis!


My body can evidently only handle one crisis at a time, but this is getting to be a bit much. Thankfully, I have my best friend NyQuil (and its cousin TheraFlu) to help beat this beast into submission. Unfortunately, there's one tiny side effect (which occurs immediately after swallowing it)


What's that you ask? It's the face-twisting, tongue sticking out, WeeMan looks at Mommy like she's lost her ever-loving mind(shut up!), foot stomping, full body shake at the taste of the stuff. It works though. I can zzzzzzzzz through the night (or day..whichever) and NOT hack up a lung...or two. Nor do I end up hacking so hard I nearly pee on myself (ahh the joys of having had a child on your bladder for months, even 2 years later I still nearly piss myself if I get to coughing too hard...whucking hell? I had a c-section, this should logically not be occurring...but I digress)

Thankfully, Hubby is off Monday so I have three (well two now) days to get some PROPER rest and HOPEFULLY kick this bug out for good before going back to work Monday night. I can hope right? I'm running out of things to try and 'cure' this. I even resorted to hot and sour soup to try and burn it out so it speak (gah it burns it burns!!!)

If all else fails, I'll use that dab of wasabi I got with my sushi from the grocery store (a rare treat as it's expensive, but damn it's good).


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