Sunday, January 8, 2012

We Got The Funk!

Ouiser here coming at you live from my sickbed. We've ALL been sick this week. WeeMan had an ear infection and then two days later I get the flu AND strep throat *sigh* and now Hubby has some kind of infected tooth/mouth thing that makes him look like he's a hamster hoarding golf balls. (heehee she said 'balls')

The Wee Man is doing MUCH better now and is even eating again.(he literally ate EVERYTHING we put on his tray last night) I just WISH I could eat. Attempting to swallow makes me all stabby inside. This just SUCKS!

I even had to call out of work Friday night. Course when I left Friday morning I could barely stand up straight and one had better not even THOUGHT about touching me as the mere brush of a finger was enough to send me into hysterical howling. That was before I lost my voice though. Now I can be touched but can't talk. The little one of course is taking advantage of this fact and the hubby can't hear me half the time which means I end up having to steel myself and shout very quickly...which doesn't help matters thanks.

So here we are in OuiserLand, chugging the Sprite, the tea, the salt water gargles and sipping super watery potato soup.

Speaking of potatoes, that 20 pound bag I bought last month? Yeah, I have about 3 pounds left. Luckily this week RED POTATOES were on sale...20 pound bags...yep I got one.

It's Ouiser vs the Potatoes Part Two...w00t!

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