Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ouiser Writes A Book...And Other Oddities

Truvy seems to be MIA as of late due to The Lifesuck™ which is work and moving to a new place with her Hubby and Kiddo. Hopefully her journey has been less stressful that ours was, although I'm now hearing reports that she has a rat the size of a baby rottie in her new home. I advised the Tested and Approved method of capture...

Peanut Butter on a trap. That and I offered to ship Delilah (our barn cat, even though we don't HAVE a barn) to her as she's an excellent hunter, and will even clean up after herself. (I swear the cat is a snake in disguise, I've seen her swallow fat field mice WHOLE....) But don't get me started on snakes...Robert saw one over the weekend. (Non venomous but still...)

My freezer died. It got zapped by lightning over the weekend during the nasty ass storm we had. By zapped I mean that the wall where the plug was is now black and scorched and so is the back of the freezer. The plug itself is missing one prong and the other is half missing. Needless to say, in addition to losing the freezer, we lost ALL the contents...which had just been deposited in it THAT AFTERNOON...


The spiders are coming back and the exterminator wants 500 to kill them all.

We've told the landlord, but he has not seen fit to call us back. This house has turned into my worst nightmare...soooooo...Ouiser is going to attempt to pull ONE MORE MIRACLE out of her ass and find ANOTHER place to live. One where the bugs haven't taken over or TRY to take over...where the electrical system isn't iffy...*sigh*

This house can suck my dick. Or it COULD if I had such a thing.

In other news, I've almost finished writing my book! Entitled 'Boxes and Doors', I should have the manuscript ready for publication by the end of the month. It's poetry, so if you're not into that kind of thing sorry, look for my next book currently in the writing process called 'Blister' which is a supernatural horror type thing. That should HOPEFULLY be ready by the end of the year. Yeah, I'm self publishing.

And on that note folks, because I have to work tonight, it is bedtime for Ouiser.