Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where is the pause button?

Truvy here. Oi. Can the world just stop spinning for a moment?

I am a typical over-committer. Like bad. And right now is no exception. But it involves my passions, so I guess it's fine. lol.

So I got promoted at work to Customer Service Lead. Basically running the service desk, clearing up issues, and controlling the safe a couple times a week. I have been getting full time hours, which is a blessing, but at the same time I am so run down. I have 2 days a week reserved as my off days because those are my doula days. At least my current client is super cute and super sweet. =) Today was my third session with her and her mama, and I am definitely enjoying the postpartum doula gig. It feels right.

Since getting into the crunchy mindset, natural birth, peaceful parenting, and whatnot, I have learned some unsettling things about the state and area I have grown up in and still reside in. The hospital I had my daughter at just decided birth doulas aren't allowed. What the fork, right? And to boot, my state (Alabama) outlaws midwifery. It is a bonafide misdemeanor. Seriously. It's all jacked up.

So in addition to my day job and my profession, I am trying to stay involved with the Alabama Birth Coalition, the local La Leche League, and a local babywearing group. And of course the ABC and LLL monthly meetings were today and I couldn't make it....and the babywearing meetup is on a day I work and way too far of a drive. *le sigh*

So yea, my life is kinda nuts right now. Then throw in that I am going no-poo (day 27 begins in a few minutes! huzzah!) and starting a goal of feeding the fam on no more than $40 a week.....yea. Full plate. And I really oughtta clean the house. Or at least do a load of laundry. Work again tomorrow. Woohoo!

In brighter news, I now own 2 Ergos...and I LOVE them! I am borrowing a ring sling from the lending library, and it is amazing too! My little client loves snuggling in it with me while mommy is in the shower or napping. =) Definitely need to look into buying one!

Maybe next time I post I will have had a decent night's sleep. lol. Yea right. =)

<3 Truvy

New Poo For YOU

*looks around*

Well THAT'S different...

*feels hair*

Hmm...THAT'S different too...

Ouiser here. As you can see we're FINALLY getting around to tweaking the site a bit, new layout, working on a new logo and some super duper new features, one of which will be called "Moms Doing It For Themselves", which will focus on moms who run their own home based businesses. I'm still working on the 'questionnaire' for that one currently as the idea only came to be yesterday. I'm only Super Genius in small doses you know.

Since our last installment, M'Lynn finally got a diagnosis for her 'boils', Truvy started the Postpartum Doula journey and is well on her way, and I, Ouiser have decided to follow likewise (well maybe), but I've definitely decided to hop on the "Crunchy Path", the first step (for me) is going "No Poo".

For the uninitiated, No Poo means we're not using shampoo...not that we're eliminating (pardon the pun) the elimination process. See http://coderedhat.com/no-poo-method/ for further details on this. I'm on Day One myself and yeah, my hair feels...weird, but clean. I CAN'T QUIT PLAYING WITH IT!!!!

The Chunky Munky is FINALLY starting to pick up on the Potty Training thing and with a little luck we'll be out of Pull Ups by the end of the summer. Our vacation is next week so we can REALLY get to focusing on that particular aspect along with some inexpensive family activities during the week. This also means that I get to go a whole BEE-YOO-TI-FUL NINE days without having to deal with PEOPLE. I'm soooo not a people person. At least when it comes to retail at any rate. I'm also sick of pizza and pepperoni wraps.

I need to become a SAHM...

Maybe when I finish writing my book(s)...