Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where is the pause button?

Truvy here. Oi. Can the world just stop spinning for a moment?

I am a typical over-committer. Like bad. And right now is no exception. But it involves my passions, so I guess it's fine. lol.

So I got promoted at work to Customer Service Lead. Basically running the service desk, clearing up issues, and controlling the safe a couple times a week. I have been getting full time hours, which is a blessing, but at the same time I am so run down. I have 2 days a week reserved as my off days because those are my doula days. At least my current client is super cute and super sweet. =) Today was my third session with her and her mama, and I am definitely enjoying the postpartum doula gig. It feels right.

Since getting into the crunchy mindset, natural birth, peaceful parenting, and whatnot, I have learned some unsettling things about the state and area I have grown up in and still reside in. The hospital I had my daughter at just decided birth doulas aren't allowed. What the fork, right? And to boot, my state (Alabama) outlaws midwifery. It is a bonafide misdemeanor. Seriously. It's all jacked up.

So in addition to my day job and my profession, I am trying to stay involved with the Alabama Birth Coalition, the local La Leche League, and a local babywearing group. And of course the ABC and LLL monthly meetings were today and I couldn't make it....and the babywearing meetup is on a day I work and way too far of a drive. *le sigh*

So yea, my life is kinda nuts right now. Then throw in that I am going no-poo (day 27 begins in a few minutes! huzzah!) and starting a goal of feeding the fam on no more than $40 a week.....yea. Full plate. And I really oughtta clean the house. Or at least do a load of laundry. Work again tomorrow. Woohoo!

In brighter news, I now own 2 Ergos...and I LOVE them! I am borrowing a ring sling from the lending library, and it is amazing too! My little client loves snuggling in it with me while mommy is in the shower or napping. =) Definitely need to look into buying one!

Maybe next time I post I will have had a decent night's sleep. lol. Yea right. =)

<3 Truvy

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  1. what is this pause button you speak of woman??