Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 1...FlyLady BabySteps Challenge

Allllrighty! I finished the last of my note cards just now. =) About to go actually DO Day 1's mission. And hem a nightgown. And update my calendar. =) I love being off of work.

If anyone would like to join me in the pursuit of a effortlessly tidy home, feel free. =)

<3 Truvy

Maidless Mondays: I Knew I Grabbed The Purple Sharpie For A Reason...

Ok. So my life is kind of a train wreck at times.....like, always. Lol. I overextend and overcommit and feel like I am pulled in a million directions at once.

I have written before about the genius that is flylady.net (if you have not checked this site out DO. IT. NOW.). The system works if you work the system, as they say. I always get excited, get started, and do too much...every single time. I'll write out the 31 Babysteps on my calendar, not allowing myelf room to fall behind and get back on the band wagon.

So tonight I have a revelation...notecards.

So here I am with leftover notecards from God only knows when and a purple sharpie. I am about to write 1 Babystep per notecard. That way, I can go through them daily, but if I hit a bump in the road, I can put things on pause, and even rewind if needed. =)

You can find the Babysteps here: http://www.flylady.net/pages/begin_babysteps.asp

Note: I am only writing them down b/c when I get on the computer, I tend to stay there for a while. =p So if I say I'm gonna hop on real quick to see today's BabyStep, I may get off in 3 hours. Lol. So notecards are more of a discipline thing I suppose. Use whatever method works for you. =)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to begin FlyLady's BabySteps and get on the right track to FLYing!

<3 Truvy

Monday, July 18, 2011

Maidless Monday - It CAN Be Done!

Okay, so I started on Maidless Monday at my house on Sunday night. =p I hopefully will continue for a few more hours since I am off Sunday and Monday. =)

First off, my house is a complete disaster area. I get stressed when I try to think of where to start. I think I've mentioned this before, but I am a FIRM believer in the FlyLady method (flylady.net)!! Tonight I used the Bingo system (http://www.facebook.com/flyladybingo) to do a quick clean WITH RESULTS! I decided I would do a 6x5 Bingo...6 tasks, 5 minutes each. I wrote down my tasks.

1. Unload and reload dishwasher.

2. Clear table.

3. Clean kitchen.

4. PUPA (pick up and put away) living room.

5. Reboot laundry.

6. Swish & swipe. (http://www.flylady.net/pages/focus_jul.asp)

Easy enough.

I posted on my personal facebook what I would be doing and decided to call the numbers on my personal wall. That way, if something popped up, like a baby who decides midnight is morning, I could put a pause on my list and not have to keep up with someone else's pace.

First I called #3...something that really needed to be done, and something I knew would look like I made a dent in it to get me motivated. The rest of numbers went 2, 6, 5, 4, 1. I saved the dishes for last...they have been..........neglected...so I knew they would take a little bit of scrubbing time. Took about 20 minutes actually, but it was DONE!

The best thing about this is that you don't see a huge pile of muck in front of you. You set small goals for yourself. A little at a time. And you would not believe how much you can do in 5 minutes!!! Seriously, pick something that you have been dreading (maybe going through the closet and decluttering clothes, or cleaning out the storage room, or that lovely pile of mail accumulating on your desk...you know the one....the kids have put up mini falling risk signs around it b/c it's bound to become a landslide soon). Set a timer for 5 minutes. ATTACK!!! When the timer beeps STOP. Do not touch anything else. Then walk away, grab a snack or something to drink. Then go back and look at what you have just accomplished. Be amazed!!!

Your Maidless Monday Mission is to apply the story of the tortoise and the hare to your housework...instead of rushing and ripping through things, take things a little at a time. You are much much less likely to burn out.

<3 Truvy

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rock Mama

Ok, so I'm probably driving Ouiser crazy with my incessant Facebook messages and updates, but I'm feeling the music itch......and I promise it's not one of the 20 mosquito bites I got at work. lol. It all started with Gnomeo and Juliet....they kept playing songs that were also in Moulin Rouge. So then I watched Moulin Rouge. I considered watching Repo! The Genetic Opera, yet again, but opted for some Facebook. Then of course I began looking up Moulin Rouge videos on Youtube and posting them to my FB wall and my hubby's wall. Then I stumbled across a hidden track from a Fall Out Boy album....and I was hooked. lol. Just so you know.....I am FOB obsessed. I was overcast Kids FAN OF THE MONTH June 2008. Suck it! I was hand-picked by the band! Muahahahaha. So after posting a few FOB videos, I remembered a mixtape Decaydance released a couple years back before the release of Folie a Deux. And of course had to track it down. =D

My point being...it is easy to lose ourselves into our mommyhood. Sometimes we need to step back, throw on our favorite tunes, and let loose! So your mission for today is to track down something you haven't listened to/watched/done in a while, and have fun! =D

Stay tragic.
<3 Truvy

Monday, July 11, 2011

Maidless Mondays - Organizing Your Space

Hello Hello!
Good Monday Morning!

Today we are going to talk about organizing. Before you freak, let me tell you...I am not an organized person. At all. I try though. So here is my big organization project....

I am currently turning my dining area (open floor plan apartment....love working on limited space. lol!) in a dining/office/craft area. Heh? Heh? Sounds fun, right?

So here is what I have done already....I moved a small, black, rectangular folding table from my bedroom to the dining room and pulled the table closer out toward the living area/hallway to the back bedrooms. I then put the printer on the table and assigned an area for the cubby i ordered last week. (http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?SKU=130121&RN=2199&BTSMode=true& in green! I used the $25 Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift card I won from SwagBucks (Truvy's referral = http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/BamaBabyMamaNilla Ouiser's referral = to be posted) so I only ended up pay $2.38...it should be here between July 12th and 17th!!!) When it gets here, I have a basket that will sit on top of it and boxes of stuff that will go inside of it. =p I also took a basic plastic 3-drawer cart (minus the rolly wheels) and stuck it underneath the black table to give some added stash space. Currently it holds fabric scraps and mis-matched Lil Miss No-No shoes. =p With the dining room table I intend to keep the sewing machine down at one end and use the middle and opposite end for dining. I am so thrilled! And once the cubby gets here it will be complete! I can't wait!

I also finally got a coupon binder! WalMart has some zip-up binders for only $10 right now in the back-to-school section that have a 2-part file folder of sorts on the outside, a mesh zip pocket, and a decent size zip pocket that can hold full-size scissors, pens, store cards, whatever else you may need. WalMart also has the baseball trading card sheets. I got 2 packs of 35 for about $5 each. Fits perfectly for now...may need another pack in a couple weeks, but perfect fit for now! So I can tell what section is what, I simply cut a 3" x 5" index card in half so I have 2 3" x 2.5" cards and wrote my sections on there. I can give a more in-depth tutorial if ya'll like, as far as the sectioning is concerned, but it's pretty basic. =) My coupon binder's home is in the space between the top of the plastic drawers and the bottom of the black table. Perfect fit!

So your Maidless Monday mission is to find a spot or activity (in my case: home paperwork, laptop, coupons, crafts) that has exploded all over. If you don't have the time or resources to get the job done today, do what you can. Come up with an idea of how you want it to look in the end. With the colors and clean lines, I already know mine will have a modern feel, but will be extremely functional. Maybe you just need to go through your kitchen drawers and cabinets and think of a way that everything will fit a little better. My old apartment's kitchen was super tiny. We had 3.5 cabinets up top, 5 on bottom, and 3.5 drawers. Not the easiest for a family of 3, plus roommates. Now I have a huuuuuuuge apartment kitchen. I think the kitchen (and the fake hardwood that you can not hurt except maybe by melting it) is what really won me over. It is gorgeous. It has a built-in pantry. It makes me swoon. My heart literally would beat faster every time I saw it before we moved in. lol!

Anyway, the point being, if you need any assistance in making small places and even smaller budgets work, we are your girls. We make it work somehow. =p

<3 Truvy

Well I'll Be....

Kinda bass-ackwards, but I found a way to update le blog.

So, unless blogger goes all ha-wire again, I'M BACK!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Due To Technical Difficulties...

Also known as Blogger isn't working properly for our Truvy (it keeps eating her posts but says they've posted) This weeks Friday Night W(h)ine will occur at a later date.



Friday Night Mommy's W(h)ine - Casey Anthony Edition

Mommy on the Fly---Staycation Edition 2011

Here in the wonderful world of Ouiser, we have the much anticipated VACATION coming up next week. Originally, NQH had put in a request for the same week so we could enjoy this time together, however, he did not get the requested days off (thanks ASC!), which now invariably means I have to come up with a completely NEW plan of how to fill seven glorious NON WORK days (in a row) with entertainment that doesn't involve punching keys on a computer or clicking a mouse or sitting on the sofa like Al Bundy, complete with my hand down the front of my pants. (which for some reason I've discovered I do this as I sleep, well not really, more like I stick my thumb in the waistband on my pjs and the rest of my hand is OUTSIDE my clothing. I have no idea why I do this other than it keeps my arm from falling asleep or something.)

Given that it's now FRIDAY and I was just informed TWO HOURS AGO that all my ideas have been pretty much obliterated by NQH not getting his vacation request (thanks again ACS!) I now have til MONDAY to come up with something different. So I was thinking...since this will be a STAYCATION (how lame is that really?) I'm thinking a few day trips are an idea. I want to do something fun, something educational that WeeMan will enjoy other than his usual daily fare of eat, poop, beat the crap out of Mommy and cry.(not necessarily in that order mind you, sometimes beating the crap out of Mommy comes first)

So far I have this:
http://parks.ky.gov/findparks/histparks/jd/ Jefferson Davis Monument

Let's learn about the only President of the Confederacy!

http://customshousemuseum.org/ Customs House Museum (a museum here in Clarksville, I've always liked this place and it's been years since I've been)

http://www.historiccollinsville.com/ Historic Collinsville.

Thing is, I dunno if WeeMan would get anything out of this though. Any of it. So we'll update this post periodically next week during the actual Staycation. Stay tuned to see what we did!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Day Mommy Got OLD

Ouiser here.

If you haven't figured out by now, I'm a bit um...older...than our Truvy and M'Lynn (who's been super busy with a sick LO to boot hence she's not posted yet) and probably most of our reading audience by about um...10 years or so give or take a few years. Now granted, this isn't actually a big deal. NQH is a little over 10 years older than ME so, who am I really to talk right?

Until last night.

Over the weekend, in addition to holiday gluttony, I worked a bit of overtime at the store. Yeah, I work at a c-store. I generally only work 29 hours a week. Just this side of the 'enough to be considered full time' border. (28 hours) This week I worked 40. Eleven of those hours were by myself. No help. No nothing. Granted, I DID work overnights for three years BY MYSELF but now...

Mommy got old suddenly overnight it seems.

Friday wasn't too bad even though I'm normally off that day, Saturday...okay this is starting to hurt a bit. Sunday...



And I can not move properly now.

I get home to eat some dinner, take a muscle relaxer and promptly have to go baste myself in what I like to call 'Old People Cream'.

Me. Old?

*runs to look in mirror*

Ugh. Fine lines already.

Wait! What in the blue hell is THAT?

Aw hell no!

It's a gray hair. GRAY!! I've pulled out platinum before. Platinum is classy. GRAY is not so much.

What's sad is I found my first one at seventeen. Needless to say, I've been coloring my hair ever since. As in, I just colored it not even 2 months ago. AND I FOUND A GRAY ONE AGAIN ALREADY!!!

I told Truvy about this, she mentioned that she could see me in about 20 years or so wearing a 'rocking grandma' tshirt or some such. I told her that if I was a grandma at 54 to just push me into the grave since I've already got one foot on a banana peel it seems!

Saturday July 2nd 2011.

The Day Mommy Got OLD.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday Night Mommy's W(h)ine

It is currently 11:47pm on Friday. There is still time!

Pamper Mission:
Paint your piggies!
I painted mine this color:
http://shop.avon.com/shop/product.aspx?src_page=product_list.aspx&level1_id=300&level2_id=469&pdept_id=483&dept_id=491&pf_id=41457 The red color. It's called Tango. Super fun for summer! The green color, Mojito, formerly graced my toes. But, alas, a change was called for...that and the fact that i couldn't FIND my Mojito. Lol.

Wine of the evening;
Barefoot Moscato.
It's Bugs Bunny-approved. =)

Great Value Teriyaki Beef Jerky. Don't hate. ;)

The Rules.
More specifically how people blatantly disregard them.
See also: Sense of entitlement.

I happened to have left the channel on some channel and some show about lifeguards (sans-Hasselhoff) came on. It was a reality show. One part had this young couple who were very obviously drunk. And swimming. Not safe. Duh. Also, this is a dry beach, meaning no alcohol allowed. So the lifeguards ask the couple to not go back in the water until they sober up and were prepared to leave them be...but then the girl just HAD to put in her two cents. They would ask her to sit down so they wouldn't have to worry about her running back into the water and potentially drowning, and she kept refusing. She wouldn't cooperate and was deadset on doing whatever she wanted to do with no regard to the rules or her own personal safety. Eventually the police were called. When she wouldn't cooperate for them, out came the cuffs.

Why does it even have to get to that point? Can't we just assume that, for the most part at least, the rules are there for a reason? People are complaining about new pool rules at my apartment's pool. These include:
-Only 2 guests at a time per household, and they must be accompanied by an adult resident.
-No throwing balls in the pool, or anything else.
-No jumping in.
-No toys of any kind (just added).

And many people think this is unreasonable. One girl even said she was moving because of the "stupid" rules. I was told by a Mom who frequents the pool that she also one day jumped in the pool, and when she came up so did her bikini top. So the Mom's 14 year old son got a full view of nipple, as did her 2 younger kids. And the hooker did. not. even. care. Seriously?

Anyway...the limited guest rule's reason? Because we have a tiny (yet awesome) pool. I don't want your kid's birthday party or your family reunion going on while I'm trying to relax with Lil No-No on my off day from work. The throwing rule...again, I have a 15 month old sharing this tiny pool. Show some respect. The jumping rule, same reason. And the no toys rule was just added because they had to close the pool for a day due to a clogged filter.

Also, the first day of the Labor Day holiday, a baby pooped in the pool. All because their Mom didn't think a swim diaper is necessary. The pool was closed for a few days. Thanks Careless Mom. Way to wreck the holiday weekend for the rest of us.

So before you break a rule, no matter how stupid it seems, please stop to ask yourself why it might be in place in the first place. Maybe it's only because something happened to someone one time, they sued, and then we are affected. But the whole meaningless lawsuit thing is for another day.

*end rant*

So what are you ranting about tonight?

<3 Truvy

PS-I am now finished at 12:06am! Not too bad. =)