Friday, July 8, 2011

Mommy on the Fly---Staycation Edition 2011

Here in the wonderful world of Ouiser, we have the much anticipated VACATION coming up next week. Originally, NQH had put in a request for the same week so we could enjoy this time together, however, he did not get the requested days off (thanks ASC!), which now invariably means I have to come up with a completely NEW plan of how to fill seven glorious NON WORK days (in a row) with entertainment that doesn't involve punching keys on a computer or clicking a mouse or sitting on the sofa like Al Bundy, complete with my hand down the front of my pants. (which for some reason I've discovered I do this as I sleep, well not really, more like I stick my thumb in the waistband on my pjs and the rest of my hand is OUTSIDE my clothing. I have no idea why I do this other than it keeps my arm from falling asleep or something.)

Given that it's now FRIDAY and I was just informed TWO HOURS AGO that all my ideas have been pretty much obliterated by NQH not getting his vacation request (thanks again ACS!) I now have til MONDAY to come up with something different. So I was thinking...since this will be a STAYCATION (how lame is that really?) I'm thinking a few day trips are an idea. I want to do something fun, something educational that WeeMan will enjoy other than his usual daily fare of eat, poop, beat the crap out of Mommy and cry.(not necessarily in that order mind you, sometimes beating the crap out of Mommy comes first)

So far I have this: Jefferson Davis Monument

Let's learn about the only President of the Confederacy!

this: Customs House Museum (a museum here in Clarksville, I've always liked this place and it's been years since I've been) Historic Collinsville.

Thing is, I dunno if WeeMan would get anything out of this though. Any of it. So we'll update this post periodically next week during the actual Staycation. Stay tuned to see what we did!

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