Monday, July 11, 2011

Maidless Mondays - Organizing Your Space

Hello Hello!
Good Monday Morning!

Today we are going to talk about organizing. Before you freak, let me tell you...I am not an organized person. At all. I try though. So here is my big organization project....

I am currently turning my dining area (open floor plan working on limited space. lol!) in a dining/office/craft area. Heh? Heh? Sounds fun, right?

So here is what I have done already....I moved a small, black, rectangular folding table from my bedroom to the dining room and pulled the table closer out toward the living area/hallway to the back bedrooms. I then put the printer on the table and assigned an area for the cubby i ordered last week. ( in green! I used the $25 Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift card I won from SwagBucks (Truvy's referral = Ouiser's referral = to be posted) so I only ended up pay $ should be here between July 12th and 17th!!!) When it gets here, I have a basket that will sit on top of it and boxes of stuff that will go inside of it. =p I also took a basic plastic 3-drawer cart (minus the rolly wheels) and stuck it underneath the black table to give some added stash space. Currently it holds fabric scraps and mis-matched Lil Miss No-No shoes. =p With the dining room table I intend to keep the sewing machine down at one end and use the middle and opposite end for dining. I am so thrilled! And once the cubby gets here it will be complete! I can't wait!

I also finally got a coupon binder! WalMart has some zip-up binders for only $10 right now in the back-to-school section that have a 2-part file folder of sorts on the outside, a mesh zip pocket, and a decent size zip pocket that can hold full-size scissors, pens, store cards, whatever else you may need. WalMart also has the baseball trading card sheets. I got 2 packs of 35 for about $5 each. Fits perfectly for now...may need another pack in a couple weeks, but perfect fit for now! So I can tell what section is what, I simply cut a 3" x 5" index card in half so I have 2 3" x 2.5" cards and wrote my sections on there. I can give a more in-depth tutorial if ya'll like, as far as the sectioning is concerned, but it's pretty basic. =) My coupon binder's home is in the space between the top of the plastic drawers and the bottom of the black table. Perfect fit!

So your Maidless Monday mission is to find a spot or activity (in my case: home paperwork, laptop, coupons, crafts) that has exploded all over. If you don't have the time or resources to get the job done today, do what you can. Come up with an idea of how you want it to look in the end. With the colors and clean lines, I already know mine will have a modern feel, but will be extremely functional. Maybe you just need to go through your kitchen drawers and cabinets and think of a way that everything will fit a little better. My old apartment's kitchen was super tiny. We had 3.5 cabinets up top, 5 on bottom, and 3.5 drawers. Not the easiest for a family of 3, plus roommates. Now I have a huuuuuuuge apartment kitchen. I think the kitchen (and the fake hardwood that you can not hurt except maybe by melting it) is what really won me over. It is gorgeous. It has a built-in pantry. It makes me swoon. My heart literally would beat faster every time I saw it before we moved in. lol!

Anyway, the point being, if you need any assistance in making small places and even smaller budgets work, we are your girls. We make it work somehow. =p

<3 Truvy

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