Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday Night Mommy's W(h)ine

It is currently 11:47pm on Friday. There is still time!

Pamper Mission:
Paint your piggies!
I painted mine this color: The red color. It's called Tango. Super fun for summer! The green color, Mojito, formerly graced my toes. But, alas, a change was called for...that and the fact that i couldn't FIND my Mojito. Lol.

Wine of the evening;
Barefoot Moscato.
It's Bugs Bunny-approved. =)

Great Value Teriyaki Beef Jerky. Don't hate. ;)

The Rules.
More specifically how people blatantly disregard them.
See also: Sense of entitlement.

I happened to have left the channel on some channel and some show about lifeguards (sans-Hasselhoff) came on. It was a reality show. One part had this young couple who were very obviously drunk. And swimming. Not safe. Duh. Also, this is a dry beach, meaning no alcohol allowed. So the lifeguards ask the couple to not go back in the water until they sober up and were prepared to leave them be...but then the girl just HAD to put in her two cents. They would ask her to sit down so they wouldn't have to worry about her running back into the water and potentially drowning, and she kept refusing. She wouldn't cooperate and was deadset on doing whatever she wanted to do with no regard to the rules or her own personal safety. Eventually the police were called. When she wouldn't cooperate for them, out came the cuffs.

Why does it even have to get to that point? Can't we just assume that, for the most part at least, the rules are there for a reason? People are complaining about new pool rules at my apartment's pool. These include:
-Only 2 guests at a time per household, and they must be accompanied by an adult resident.
-No throwing balls in the pool, or anything else.
-No jumping in.
-No toys of any kind (just added).

And many people think this is unreasonable. One girl even said she was moving because of the "stupid" rules. I was told by a Mom who frequents the pool that she also one day jumped in the pool, and when she came up so did her bikini top. So the Mom's 14 year old son got a full view of nipple, as did her 2 younger kids. And the hooker did. not. even. care. Seriously?

Anyway...the limited guest rule's reason? Because we have a tiny (yet awesome) pool. I don't want your kid's birthday party or your family reunion going on while I'm trying to relax with Lil No-No on my off day from work. The throwing rule...again, I have a 15 month old sharing this tiny pool. Show some respect. The jumping rule, same reason. And the no toys rule was just added because they had to close the pool for a day due to a clogged filter.

Also, the first day of the Labor Day holiday, a baby pooped in the pool. All because their Mom didn't think a swim diaper is necessary. The pool was closed for a few days. Thanks Careless Mom. Way to wreck the holiday weekend for the rest of us.

So before you break a rule, no matter how stupid it seems, please stop to ask yourself why it might be in place in the first place. Maybe it's only because something happened to someone one time, they sued, and then we are affected. But the whole meaningless lawsuit thing is for another day.

*end rant*

So what are you ranting about tonight?

<3 Truvy

PS-I am now finished at 12:06am! Not too bad. =)

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