Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Day Mommy Got OLD

Ouiser here.

If you haven't figured out by now, I'm a bit um...older...than our Truvy and M'Lynn (who's been super busy with a sick LO to boot hence she's not posted yet) and probably most of our reading audience by about um...10 years or so give or take a few years. Now granted, this isn't actually a big deal. NQH is a little over 10 years older than ME so, who am I really to talk right?

Until last night.

Over the weekend, in addition to holiday gluttony, I worked a bit of overtime at the store. Yeah, I work at a c-store. I generally only work 29 hours a week. Just this side of the 'enough to be considered full time' border. (28 hours) This week I worked 40. Eleven of those hours were by myself. No help. No nothing. Granted, I DID work overnights for three years BY MYSELF but now...

Mommy got old suddenly overnight it seems.

Friday wasn't too bad even though I'm normally off that day, Saturday...okay this is starting to hurt a bit. Sunday...



And I can not move properly now.

I get home to eat some dinner, take a muscle relaxer and promptly have to go baste myself in what I like to call 'Old People Cream'.

Me. Old?

*runs to look in mirror*

Ugh. Fine lines already.

Wait! What in the blue hell is THAT?

Aw hell no!

It's a gray hair. GRAY!! I've pulled out platinum before. Platinum is classy. GRAY is not so much.

What's sad is I found my first one at seventeen. Needless to say, I've been coloring my hair ever since. As in, I just colored it not even 2 months ago. AND I FOUND A GRAY ONE AGAIN ALREADY!!!

I told Truvy about this, she mentioned that she could see me in about 20 years or so wearing a 'rocking grandma' tshirt or some such. I told her that if I was a grandma at 54 to just push me into the grave since I've already got one foot on a banana peel it seems!

Saturday July 2nd 2011.

The Day Mommy Got OLD.


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