Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rock Mama

Ok, so I'm probably driving Ouiser crazy with my incessant Facebook messages and updates, but I'm feeling the music itch......and I promise it's not one of the 20 mosquito bites I got at work. lol. It all started with Gnomeo and Juliet....they kept playing songs that were also in Moulin Rouge. So then I watched Moulin Rouge. I considered watching Repo! The Genetic Opera, yet again, but opted for some Facebook. Then of course I began looking up Moulin Rouge videos on Youtube and posting them to my FB wall and my hubby's wall. Then I stumbled across a hidden track from a Fall Out Boy album....and I was hooked. lol. Just so you know.....I am FOB obsessed. I was overcast Kids FAN OF THE MONTH June 2008. Suck it! I was hand-picked by the band! Muahahahaha. So after posting a few FOB videos, I remembered a mixtape Decaydance released a couple years back before the release of Folie a Deux. And of course had to track it down. =D

My point is easy to lose ourselves into our mommyhood. Sometimes we need to step back, throw on our favorite tunes, and let loose! So your mission for today is to track down something you haven't listened to/watched/done in a while, and have fun! =D

Stay tragic.
<3 Truvy

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