Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We super suck.

There should be more hours in a day.

Truvy here. I am working on organizing my life and I promise to pencil this blog back into my schedule. I miss ranting to the interwebz. =)

In addition to a hubby, home, and child, I am getting full time hours at work due to the holiday rush's beginning, as well as trying to start my own crafty mama business. And the short adorable monster has 6 teeth coming in and an itchy rash on her booty. Oi!

And now for a goody. =) I was perusing the local Walgreen's ad and found some splendid deals! Check your local ad since deals tend to change from area to area. The BEST is on Vitamin Water and Smart Water...I saw Smart Water at Walmart last night for $1.58....I said "no thank you" and moved on. But this week at Walgreens, both brands are $1 each. When you buy 3 you get a $2 Register Reward (RR), making them 33 CENTS each! Another notable deal is on Suave products. I tend to have a decent Suave stash in my coupon binder. Anywho, buy $10 worth of product (check your ad for types and sizes) and receive a $3 RR. Perfect opportunity to stock up on lotion, body wash, deodorant, etc. And just in time for chapped lip season, you can get Blistex Revive and Restore Lipcare for FREEEEEEEE. One of my favorite words! You pay $1.99 and get a $1.99 RR right back. =) Last but not least, I have been lusting over the fancy Lysol No-Touch Soap Pump. Pay $11.99 at the register and get a $5 RR, making it only $6.99, which is cheaper than I have seen it at Walmart. Need an idea for all of those RRs? Break your orders into multiples. Say you get 12 waters and $10 worth of Suave. Do a trasaction of just waters...receive $$8 in RRs. Use that to pay your Suave order. If due to coupons your order is less than $8, toss in the Blistex or some candy to use the rest of the RR up. Use any RRs leftover on the grocery items on sale or rack up some of the deals in the Christmas section. =D I can't wait til Thursday! Come on payday!!

And one more nifty thing I found in my email today. Vocalpoint (vocalpoint.com) is giving away 100 $25 American Express gift cards to spend at small businesses on Small Business Saturday (the day after Black Friday). check it out here: vocalpoint.com/SmallBizSat

Ouiser has been working her tailfeather off as well. And her adopted cat (the cat adopted her when she moved to the neighborhood) has been rewarding her with......gifts....... Lol. Hopefully she will get a chance to hop on and update at some point.

<3 Truvy