Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something Serious

Today, we here at Champagne Mommyhood are taking a departure from our normal lighthearted bantering and helpful money saving tips to pay tribute to the victims of the April 25-28 2011 Tornado Outbreak. We're also going to tell you how you can help and where to find information as we find it as well.

We ourselves being in the South (sorry ladies I'm using our real names at this point-Shiloh/Ouiser-KY/TN, Aimee/Truvy-AL and Meg/M'Lynn-GA) we were affected by this as well. We either live very closely to the areas affected, know someone in the areas affected or have actually LIVED in the areas affected.

Up here in northern TN/South Central KY  we were spared the devestation that occurred to our neighbors south, but barely. Had the system not taken that last minute turn...I don't even want to think about it quite honestly. The night this all started I had made a judgement call and packed up the important belongings and rented a motel room for myself, Robert(Not Quite Hubby) and Will (Wee Man). The three of us live in a mobile home. I was not willing to take the chance.

Camped in the motel with my laptop, television and cellphone, I waited. I was waiting for Robert to get off work as we were expecting 'all Hell to break loose' around the time he got off (midnight). As I was watching the systems push toward Clarksville (TN) I naturally grew more nervous. Finally close to midnight, the warnings started. I received a text from Robert telling me the sirens were going off. At the motel which is next to the interstate, I opened the door and saw and heard nothing. While there was rotation downtown there were no touchdowns. A few minutes later, I open the door again and the wind was picking up really good...a minute later we lost power. That's when the rotation was passing almost directly overhead. Thankfully it moved on and the power came back on about a minute or two later. I had grabbed Will and was cowering under the sink/vanity area in the room. About 15 minutes later Robert arrived. Save for a short nap, I spent the next 12-18 hours glued to the laptop,watching the Weather Channel and pinging for updates from friends to the south.

As for what happens next...I'll let Aimee and Meg pick up that end of the story...

If you've seen the pictures, heard the reports, the damage is just unfathomable, and I have no words beyond that.

I've been researching today though and I've found some links and or information that may be of use to those wishing to help and get more information:

Latest News: (serves the Chattanooga area and NW GA) (Tuscaloosa, AL) (Birmingham, AL) (Huntsville, AL)

To donate blood:

To donate money:

Text "GIVE" to 80888 to donate 10 dollars to relief efforts in TN, AL and GA (this is via the Salvation Army)

text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Other sites:

There are also a number of sites on Facebook right now as well:

Pictures and Documents Found
Toomers for Tuscaloosa

There are more and I'm slowly getting to them as we speak. It's taking time of course as I'm trying to keep up with Will and stuff.
We'll keep updating this list as the information becomes available.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Honey, I Can't Feel My Feet -or- Why Must Mommy Work?

Oi! I just got home from my 4th day of work in a row and have 2 more days ahead of me to face. Did I mention the next 2 days I have to leave the house before 8am? -.- Not cool.(Be glad you don't work overnights then. I did. The entire time I was pregnant. It blew donkey balls. You ever try chasing after a beer thief seven and a half months preggo, in crocs no less?---O.)

I loved my Stay-At-Home-Mommy status when I had it. Stay-At-Home-Except-For-School-Mommy status was good too. I-Only-Use-My-Home-For-Sleeping-And-Showering-Mommy status, however, can suck it. I'm about to take a leave from school though, so that will help.

But, for a moment, let's step back and celebrate the joys of staying at home, as well as those of getting to leave your house without a diaper bag for a few hours a day. =D

*I have plenty of time to clean my house.(Yes, the pix of your sparkling sink were testament to that!)
*I get to spend all the time I want cuddling with my baby and seeing her grow.(SQUEE!!!!!---O.)
*Planning my grocery shopping trip can take hours and hours and it's okay!
*I don't have to get dressed if I don't want to. (But to avoid scaring animals and small children, like me, you get dressed, even if it's half assed---O.)
*I can spend all summer at the pool.(Sunlight baaaaaad, darkness GOOOOOOD!!!---O.)

Working Mommy <3
*The Hubby feels compelled to share the housework more.
*I have a silent victory when the baby cries when I must leave her, and I get mucho hugs and giggles when I return.
*Since I am a cashier, I stay pretty up-to-date on deals and new products.
*I get to wear actual clothes, and I actually wear a bra every day!
*I get to be around ADULTS.

Of course, as with most things, there are cons to each side...

SAHM </3
*Even with all this time, my house is a wreck.(but her sink still sparkles!---O.)
*I look like a crazy lady at the grocery store because I'm so used to chatting with my mini partner in crime.(yeah but wait til she starts talking back! THEN you're in trouble*lol*---O.)
*Even with all the time, my grocery list is still half-hearted and rushed.
*I live in pajamas.(PAJAMA JEANS WOMAN!!!---O.)
*I will spend all summer being lazy inside because my pajamas are comfy and my body looks gross in a swimsuit...and I can never take advantage of the on-site gym due to my tagalong.

Working Mommy </3
*The Hubby still doesn't do as much as needs to be done to keep the house clean...which discourages me from cleaning.
*I miss my little one more than anything! Every time a kid comes thru my line it makes me want to clock out and go home to play and snuggle.
*I spend all day ringing up things I long for, but can't afford.
*I have to put on clothes...and that padded, underwired torture device.(I cut the underwire out of mine, or in the case of the WaterBra, it was already half way out when I bought it...THAT thing is a torture device---O)
*Adults don't always appreciate poo consistency...and I'm socially awkward enough as it is. =/

By the way....I actually just got home from my FIFTH straight day...I got done with the pros last night and could stay awake any longer. And to bed I now head, seeing as I have another 8am shift in the morning. Joy.

Happy Easter from the Champagne Mommyhood gals!

<3 Truvy

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ouiser Takes The Family For Cheapskate Picture Day

Various members of the extended family have been griping that we do not have any 'professional' portraits of myself, Wee Man (13 months old) and Not Quite Hubby. I guess our candid shots are just not enough. Whatever.

So, all in the name of saving a buck (or 30), I ran across a Q in the inserts a few weeks ago for a Spring Package at Sears for 7.99. It's a pretty basic package but the price was right, so I informed Not Quite Hubby that we were now booked for a sitting this morning at 10am.

Did I mention I HATE having my pictures taken?

We get there and of course we do the family portraits first. OMG they were HORRID! I looked like a pale gelatinous blob...with red hair and about 4 chins (seriously!) and NQH had a bright red face. Wee Man of course was his usual cute self. Thankfully, they did shots of just Wee Man and we were able to select a pose for our package. As a bonus, we got a coupon code for a free 10x13 wall portrait too which I promptly ordered (of a different pose) when we got home, only paying the shipping costs as I'm having it sent to my house as opposed to the studio. All in all, we got a fairly good deal with the package: 1 8x10, 1 5x7, 2 3 and a half x 5s, 4 wallets and 16 minis plus the 10x13 for less than 15 dollars. It's a good deal if you're willing to stick with one pose and hope you get one you like*lol*

Now I'm gonna go snarf some diet coke as there is just NO WAY I'm THAT effin' fat!!!

Beneath the Steel Magnolias...With Wine!

Greetings and Salutations! As this is just the first step in our journey to obtaining the Nirvana that is "Champagne Mommyhood" we spent a great deal of time (a whole 10 minutes!) trying to come up with good pseudonyms simply because we're awesome like that. [Duuuh. WINNING! - Truvy] Being that we're both GRITS (Girls Raised in the South, dontcha know?) our inspiration ended up coming from Steel Magnolias. Are we surprised? [I am a little surprised at you. o.0 But I already knew you rocked so I guess not sooo surprised. Snitch. - Truvy] So without Further Ado (I tend to talk in Capital Letters a lot) I give you....Ouiser (that's me on the left there) and Truvy! (over there on the right) [HI!!!!!!! *waves frantically* - Truvy]

A few weeks ago, I got the bright idea in my head that a book consisting of Mommies Who Are Trying to Save Money would be a good thing. Yeah, books like that are fairly well a dime a dozen, but My Book would be DIFFERENT. I have a sense of humour see? [*humor - Truvy] Well, I was talking to Truvy on Facebook about this and the idea of a book was pushed aside in favor of a blog and Facebook group in which we could combine our creative talents. [The book will come later. We *might* have time when the kids are in college. Ha! - Truvy] Made perfect sense to me seeing as how I've been working on writing a book for well over...well let's just say you'd need both hands...twice over, to count how many years. I have a few in various stages of completion (a book of poetry of all things!) But I digress. As I was saying, I'd been kicking around the idea and that it would include couponing techniques, where to find freebies, Do-It-Yourself projects and all around 'tightwaddery'. [*Like* - Truvy] And a healthy dash of humour! (yes I'm spelling that correct thank you) [-.- We only drink *sweet* tea, woman. HUMOR. - Truvy] So without further ado, we present for your consumption, Champagne Mommyhood (on a Beer Budget)! *clink*