Friday, April 22, 2011

Beneath the Steel Magnolias...With Wine!

Greetings and Salutations! As this is just the first step in our journey to obtaining the Nirvana that is "Champagne Mommyhood" we spent a great deal of time (a whole 10 minutes!) trying to come up with good pseudonyms simply because we're awesome like that. [Duuuh. WINNING! - Truvy] Being that we're both GRITS (Girls Raised in the South, dontcha know?) our inspiration ended up coming from Steel Magnolias. Are we surprised? [I am a little surprised at you. o.0 But I already knew you rocked so I guess not sooo surprised. Snitch. - Truvy] So without Further Ado (I tend to talk in Capital Letters a lot) I give you....Ouiser (that's me on the left there) and Truvy! (over there on the right) [HI!!!!!!! *waves frantically* - Truvy]

A few weeks ago, I got the bright idea in my head that a book consisting of Mommies Who Are Trying to Save Money would be a good thing. Yeah, books like that are fairly well a dime a dozen, but My Book would be DIFFERENT. I have a sense of humour see? [*humor - Truvy] Well, I was talking to Truvy on Facebook about this and the idea of a book was pushed aside in favor of a blog and Facebook group in which we could combine our creative talents. [The book will come later. We *might* have time when the kids are in college. Ha! - Truvy] Made perfect sense to me seeing as how I've been working on writing a book for well over...well let's just say you'd need both hands...twice over, to count how many years. I have a few in various stages of completion (a book of poetry of all things!) But I digress. As I was saying, I'd been kicking around the idea and that it would include couponing techniques, where to find freebies, Do-It-Yourself projects and all around 'tightwaddery'. [*Like* - Truvy] And a healthy dash of humour! (yes I'm spelling that correct thank you) [-.- We only drink *sweet* tea, woman. HUMOR. - Truvy] So without further ado, we present for your consumption, Champagne Mommyhood (on a Beer Budget)! *clink*