Sunday, April 24, 2011

Honey, I Can't Feel My Feet -or- Why Must Mommy Work?

Oi! I just got home from my 4th day of work in a row and have 2 more days ahead of me to face. Did I mention the next 2 days I have to leave the house before 8am? -.- Not cool.(Be glad you don't work overnights then. I did. The entire time I was pregnant. It blew donkey balls. You ever try chasing after a beer thief seven and a half months preggo, in crocs no less?---O.)

I loved my Stay-At-Home-Mommy status when I had it. Stay-At-Home-Except-For-School-Mommy status was good too. I-Only-Use-My-Home-For-Sleeping-And-Showering-Mommy status, however, can suck it. I'm about to take a leave from school though, so that will help.

But, for a moment, let's step back and celebrate the joys of staying at home, as well as those of getting to leave your house without a diaper bag for a few hours a day. =D

*I have plenty of time to clean my house.(Yes, the pix of your sparkling sink were testament to that!)
*I get to spend all the time I want cuddling with my baby and seeing her grow.(SQUEE!!!!!---O.)
*Planning my grocery shopping trip can take hours and hours and it's okay!
*I don't have to get dressed if I don't want to. (But to avoid scaring animals and small children, like me, you get dressed, even if it's half assed---O.)
*I can spend all summer at the pool.(Sunlight baaaaaad, darkness GOOOOOOD!!!---O.)

Working Mommy <3
*The Hubby feels compelled to share the housework more.
*I have a silent victory when the baby cries when I must leave her, and I get mucho hugs and giggles when I return.
*Since I am a cashier, I stay pretty up-to-date on deals and new products.
*I get to wear actual clothes, and I actually wear a bra every day!
*I get to be around ADULTS.

Of course, as with most things, there are cons to each side...

SAHM </3
*Even with all this time, my house is a wreck.(but her sink still sparkles!---O.)
*I look like a crazy lady at the grocery store because I'm so used to chatting with my mini partner in crime.(yeah but wait til she starts talking back! THEN you're in trouble*lol*---O.)
*Even with all the time, my grocery list is still half-hearted and rushed.
*I live in pajamas.(PAJAMA JEANS WOMAN!!!---O.)
*I will spend all summer being lazy inside because my pajamas are comfy and my body looks gross in a swimsuit...and I can never take advantage of the on-site gym due to my tagalong.

Working Mommy </3
*The Hubby still doesn't do as much as needs to be done to keep the house clean...which discourages me from cleaning.
*I miss my little one more than anything! Every time a kid comes thru my line it makes me want to clock out and go home to play and snuggle.
*I spend all day ringing up things I long for, but can't afford.
*I have to put on clothes...and that padded, underwired torture device.(I cut the underwire out of mine, or in the case of the WaterBra, it was already half way out when I bought it...THAT thing is a torture device---O)
*Adults don't always appreciate poo consistency...and I'm socially awkward enough as it is. =/

By the way....I actually just got home from my FIFTH straight day...I got done with the pros last night and could stay awake any longer. And to bed I now head, seeing as I have another 8am shift in the morning. Joy.

Happy Easter from the Champagne Mommyhood gals!

<3 Truvy

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