Friday, April 22, 2011

Ouiser Takes The Family For Cheapskate Picture Day

Various members of the extended family have been griping that we do not have any 'professional' portraits of myself, Wee Man (13 months old) and Not Quite Hubby. I guess our candid shots are just not enough. Whatever.

So, all in the name of saving a buck (or 30), I ran across a Q in the inserts a few weeks ago for a Spring Package at Sears for 7.99. It's a pretty basic package but the price was right, so I informed Not Quite Hubby that we were now booked for a sitting this morning at 10am.

Did I mention I HATE having my pictures taken?

We get there and of course we do the family portraits first. OMG they were HORRID! I looked like a pale gelatinous blob...with red hair and about 4 chins (seriously!) and NQH had a bright red face. Wee Man of course was his usual cute self. Thankfully, they did shots of just Wee Man and we were able to select a pose for our package. As a bonus, we got a coupon code for a free 10x13 wall portrait too which I promptly ordered (of a different pose) when we got home, only paying the shipping costs as I'm having it sent to my house as opposed to the studio. All in all, we got a fairly good deal with the package: 1 8x10, 1 5x7, 2 3 and a half x 5s, 4 wallets and 16 minis plus the 10x13 for less than 15 dollars. It's a good deal if you're willing to stick with one pose and hope you get one you like*lol*

Now I'm gonna go snarf some diet coke as there is just NO WAY I'm THAT effin' fat!!!

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