Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Road To Ouiser-Ville Healthiness.

We've seemed to have FINALLY combated the Creeping Crud that has circulated through the house for the last two weeks. Wee Man is better and finally gaining weight again (helps when he actually eats as opposed to playing with his food). Hubby no longer looks like a hamster hoarding golf balls in his mouth, and after almost two weeks of not being able to speak without sounding like a derranged muppet I finally had to break down and get checked out.

Note to self: even though the original infection (the strep) is gone doesn't mean that those nifty secondary infections didn't sneak in behind it which caused the problems. Yeah, I have a sinus infection, an ear infection and pharyngitis (as a result of the untreated strep). One mega dose of steroids later I can FINALLY speak and swallow (shut up Truvy, not that kind of swallowing, though I'm sure some folks wouldn't mind*lmao*) again. Now I'm on a nifty Z-pack and Flonase (which I can't get til Friday so I hope the steroids last til then so we can continue on the Road To Ouiser-Ville Health). So let this be a lesson, it's MUCH cheaper to get the original infection taken care of BEFORE you get the secondary infections. MUCH cheaper. Just sayin'.

Over the weekend Hubby and I finally got around to putting the plastic over the windows. Worked well for a day til that storm blew through yesterday...A gust popped the plastic from the tape so we have to retape them. Ah well. But it did raise the temperature in here by about 5-6 degrees before that occurred. Hopefully this will be the end to our entirely too expensive electric bills. Over 200 dollars MY ASS!

Gotten quite a few freebies in the mail this week. My personal favorite is the memory foam sample. It looks and feels like a giant sponge. I may make a tiny case for it and have a mini pillow. Works for me!

Be on the look out for the revamped version of Freebie Thursdays coming up. I'm gonna get on it tomorrow after I get home from work, I'll be looking for all the neatest freebies I can find and post them here for y'all. Of course, our favorite feature Friday Night W(h)ine will be back as well this week.

Til then

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