Monday, January 30, 2012

Sushi Spendthrifts!

Ouiser here. Finally healthy at last (I think). It only took THREE EFFIN' WEEKS!! The final hurrah for The Creeping Crud™ started Wednesday when Hubby got sick, that night, after what seemed to be the longest night on earth for Ol Ouiser at work, I came crawling home, with a 102 fever, chills, hot, puking (oh gods the puking!!!) collapsed into bed and refused to be touched. (Touching would send me into shrieks of pain and cause me to curl up into the fetal position whimpering...yeesh) But yeah. I'm back, I'm (mostly) healthy and I saved a whopping 24 percent on my groceries today.

Yeah. A measly twenty four percent. I COULD have done better. I even had THE LIST. But...From now on, I swear I'm just going to do the shopping by MYSELF. I'm price checking the stuff we needed and whatnots and he's going for store brand (when the sale was cheaper than the store brands...) *sigh* so yeah there was about 20 bucks we didn't need to spend, but whatever. (Yeah I also didn't NEED the 11 bucks worth of sushi, but I had budgeted for that and it was my treat for having to work 6 days in a row this week so neener neener).

Ok, the sushi wasn't that great. Note to self: Do not get the crunchy spicy California rolls. Was not impressed.

I also picked up a book at the Dollar Store about 365 ways to live cheap. I'll be reading through that this week and plucking the gems and talking about them here. I will also not start an entry on Saturday and not get around to finishing it on Monday because the Wee One is sick again with the sneezies and the snotties and the occasional coughies. And yes, in case you were wondering, he DID in fact sneeze in my eyes. Again. Which means that I forsee another round of the Crud™ around the corner. AGAIN. Only because this is how the whole cycle started to begin with. He got sick, sneezed in my eyes, I obviously incubated for about a week and then all hell broke loose. Bleh.

Maybe I should load up on the garlic.

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