Thursday, February 2, 2012

Four Days

That's how long we had "Ouiserville Healthiness". Four..DAYS...

Now I'm all sick, coughing, sneezy, snotty (hell-O) I just went through TWO boxes of Kleenex in LESS than TWENTY FOUR HOURS!! Whucking HELL??? Today at work I ended up getting splashed in the eyeball by some mystery liquid (I THINK it was water) while dumping the trash. The fact that I'm now running a fever however makes me wonder...and the Red Bitch showed up too. I'd ask what next, but I know better...

Little man of course is perfectly fine now. So is Hubby. GAH!!!!

So, due to my lack of taste (figuratively and literally), I decided to try some Wasabi Peas.

I tasted nothing...



So, our new Publix opened yesterday, and I haven't been yet. I've only ever been to Publix ONE time in my life and that was almost 10 years ago. I liked it then, but they DO seem a bit pricey, so we'll check it out this weekend (assuming I'm not like DEAD or something...damn bugs....) and give a full report afterwards. Our local Kroger does seem to be trying to cater to the need for change (see:Sushi!) so we'll see how the two compare in Ouiser's World and whether or not the extra drive would be worth it. There do seem to be a few deals this week, so who knows, maybe I'll get lucky! I also understand they have a fairly decent coupon policy.

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