Monday, February 20, 2012

Old McOuiser Had A Farm...

Ousier here. I still haven't made it to Publix yet. Unless they have a SUPER SALE or something I probably won't. As I said before, the drive for no real savings to speak of just isn't worth it. The Hubby and I did do our usual weekly shopping at Kroger though. (I <3 Kroger). This week the sales actually matched what I had Q's for AND needed (yay stockpile!) I budgeted for 100 dollars. In the end, after all the Q's and Plus Card savings (if you don't have a plus card you really SHOULD get one, it's free!) I spent less than 70 and saved 25% off everything. We also used our accumulated Fuel Points (another advantage of the Plus Card) to fill up the truck. We had 283 points and you get 10 cents off per gallon for every 100 points so we saved 20 cents a gallon. Of course, gas prices being what they are we still paid 3.27 a gallon but ah well.

We're quickly nearing the end of February (eek!) and that means it's time for....


Course, we'll overlook that I have a black thumb and couldn't even grow a chia tree last year for Christmas. But I love Chia, and my mom gets me a new planter every year, so I keep trying. That and I've found a local source for chia seeds. Did you know that Chia will actually grow to about 3 feet tall and yes, it IS edible. Even the seeds. Naturally, you would plant that in soil to achieve that. (There's your useless knowledge for the day)

So with my Burpee Seed Catalog in hand, I'm going through and trying to decide what I want to attempt to grow this year. Tomatoes for sure, maybe some watermelons. I dunno. I plan on using planters for this (since we don't own the land here) so I'll need to make my selections carefully.

Also in the works are finishing that rocking chair by the 4th of March (aka Wee Man's birthday). I had Hubby draw a rough draft for the toy box. THAT won't be finished by then though. This is going to be an awesome toy box though. I had him design it large enough that when the little one no longer plays with toys he can store things in it. This box will carry him throughout his life. Almost like a hope chest I guess you could say.

Needless to say, there are lots of things in store here this season in Ouiser-Land. And eventually Truvy will be back to update with the randomness that is her life*lol*


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