Monday, February 13, 2012

Not So Cruddy Goodness! (and a few recipes to boot!)

Thankfully the Crud™ seems to have made it's last hurrah around here (knock on wood). I went almost completely deaf for a week due to it (I bent over in the cooler and WOOSH suddenly my ears were blocked with fluid. Mainly my right one seeing as how I already have limited hearing ability in my left ear already. (Not hereditary thankfully so Wee Man should be safe)

My eye cleared up after about 24 hours and my ears FINALLY popped a few days later meaning that I didn't have to have customers (or Hubby) yell in order for me to hear them ever so slightly. I did however manage to brush up on my lip-reading skills so that's a plus I suppose.

I never did make it to Publix though. Their 'deals' just really aren't cutting it for me and the drive hardly seems worth it, considering that it's a 45 minute drive one way just from my house. Kroger is only 25. Food Giant is 8 mins. So obviously you know where I did the shopping. And yes, I DID go by myself, and finished the whole gamut (drive included) in about an hour and a half. AND STUCK TO THE LIST. Granted I went over the 100 dollar budget, but the 10 pound Boston Butt took up a good portion (as in almost 20 dollars of that).

And now a recipe:

Ouiser's Super Tasty, Super Easy Pulled Pork

1 Boston Butt
1/2 bottle of Wicker's Baste and Marinade
3/4 bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 c. Brown Sugar
Rub with a pork seasoning rub

Squish into a crockpot and program for 3 hours on HIGH
Once timer goes off reprogram for 10 hours on LOW

Note: You will probably have to drain liquid after the fat layer that is found on all butts starts to de-solidify. I personally ended up having to drain off 3 cups.

How do you know when it's done? when you poke it and the meat collapses in on itself!

Remove from crockpot and shred either by hand or forks. This will make a LOT of pulled pork, so make sure you have containers and bags to store for freezing. It'll keep for a good 6 months in the freezer. Just a little tasty hint of summer to come :) The priciest part of course is the meat itself, but considering how many meals you can get out of it it's fairly cheap per serving.

I also made Potato Soup yesterday too..

Ouisers Tater Soup

32 oz of chicken broth
1 c. water
6-8 potatoes, diced
1.c onion
1 T garlic, minced
1 1/2 c milk
1/2 c. sour cream
bacon bits
shredded cheese

in a skillet, saute the onion and garlic with butter just until the onion starts to turn opaque. Put into pot of chicken broth and water and bring to a boil.

Peel and dice 6-8 potatoes (varying sizes) and add to pot. Once potatoes start getting tender, reduce heat and cover til potatoes are completely done.


Add the milk and sour cream, bacon bits, cheese (to taste preferences) and mash (or you can add the mix to a food processor if you want a silkier soup with no lumps, but I usually either just mash or mash and then blend with my immersion blender to remove the largest lumps.


Note this also makes a LOT of soup. A good two meals worth if not more. It freezes well also and is fairly inexpensive to make. This is good cold weather, feel good food. Which is good since it's BLUE ASS COLD HERE CURRENTLY.

Wee Man has started saying a new word recently.

Yup. Ouiser (and Hubby!) need to watch their mouths...

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