Tuesday, April 10, 2012

With The Best Intentions...


Life in Ouiser-land is very...something...at the moment. The Wee Man has decided that clothes are bad and diapers are just plain evil. I have had to resort to cutting out the feet of his feetie pajamas and putting them on him backwards, just so I can get some sleep when I get home in the mornings without waking up every few minutes to make sure that he hasn't decided it's NEKKID TIME and bounce around in his crib, stopping ever so often to stick his weiner out between the slats and peeing on the floor (always the floor, never the bed...small favors I suppose)

Things are the same as usual at Le Lifesuck (aka WORK), though admittedly after my last what we will call MELTDOWN OF EPIC PROPORTIONS(invovling a very snarky yet to the point Nasty-Gram), people FINALLY started buckling down and doing their jobs. I am only one person and I kick ass, but I refuse to do the job of everyone else simply because they can't be bothered. It's also worth noting that I have evidently gotten overlooked (ignored) for promotion. AGAIN. For those of you who are keeping count, this is the NINTH. Yes NINTH time. What's even more sad is that the person I was bumped for the THIRD time is now the person I was bumped for for the NINTH. There is something truly fucked up about that. Evidently corporate thinks I'm a troublemaker (who me?) because I won't kiss ass, suck up or allow them to walk all over me. That's right kids, Ouiser takes shit from NO ONE. *nods* obviously at the expense of a promotion and more money, but I won't lower myself to get there*

I also won't start an entry at 1pm and forget about it til almost 9pm...oopsie.

See...best intentions.

"Boxes and Doors" did not meet my self imposed deadline. It's almost done though so MAYBE this month?

My diet and exercise program has been derailed (again) by sickness. The Creeping Crud is making another round here it seems. It started Sunday with a mildly twitchy nose and has now segued into a throbbing head, sneezing, snotting, coughing, wait who put this elephant on my chest type thing.  Sunlight hurts my head worse so all my windows have now been covered. Darkness is good....

See! I've lost my train of thought...

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