Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Truvy is back!

I found a way to post from my phone. lol. a brief review...let's see...

-i upgraded from a dumbphone to a smartphone.
-we moved out of hell into a trailer. fine by me. lol.
-except for the rat...
-lil bit is now 2, so she has now been replaced by a squirrel with a nasty coke habit.
-we all got the flu.
-i got fired because I was out sick with said flu. ikr. wtf.

so now I have filed unemployment. I also have a food stamp appointment tomorrow so we can hopefully eat something besides sammiches and cheese balls. in the mean time, I am throwing myself back into being a stay at home mommy. it's lovely. someone please fetch my bon bons. lol. luckily I got canned at the beginning of summer. woohoo! we have hit up the park, the river, the bay...and maybe next week we will be heading to the beach. this is the best place on earth to be a sahm. I am also trying to get a crafty business going. we shall see how that goes.

to celebrate my return to the title of "domestic goddess" I will share with everyone my struggles in domesticity. right now my struggle is housekeeping....and unpacking....and finding time to work out. my project for tonight is to program reminders into my phone via the cozi app of what needs to be done throughout the day.

wish me luck!

<3 Truvy

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