Thursday, April 5, 2012

The bunnies are coming! The bunnies are coming!

sooooooooooo... =) Easter is only a few days away. the Easter bunny went on a walgreen's run yesterday. eggs have been bought. sausage sister schuberts are in the freezer. I'm excited!

and now I am turning my attention to actual cottontails. I planted some seed starters today...lettuces, spinach, carrots, corn, beans, and peas. yummy yummy! the bunnies will undoubtedly agree once I transfer the starters to the earth. I figure I have about a month to acquire bunny-proof fencing. to the interwebz! well...later I shall look.

right now I am laying on the couch watching dr. g. lil bit and hubs are sleeping. it is so peaceful! I spouse I could go start tonight's dinner marinating. om nom nom. I'm excited for that as well! lol.

after that I will, once again, tackle operation: organize. I know...I'm scared too.

<3 Truvy

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