Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Moving on a Beer Budget...Take Two!


Ouiser and Co. FINALLY left the HOUSE FROM HELL. No more spiders, no more wonky electricity, no e.coli infected water, no freezing our asses off...

Okay, so we actually moved BACK to the same trailer park (lovely ain't it?) that we lived in before, but this trailer is larger, MUCH nicer oh and everything works for the most part except that whole dishwasher actually DRYING the dishes thing, but we can live with that.

And yes, we DID manage it on a beer budget this time.

It took approximately 1000 dollars for deposits, etc but that's MUCH better than the almost THREE THOUSAND we spent to move INTO the House From Hell. Sadly, this really ate into the Yule budget and pbbbffffttt! I never got to send my cards and I have a package for Truvy that's been sitting here for damn near three weeks that I can't afford to send yet*lol* But she knows it's here and she knows it's coming, so no worries!

Since our brief hiatus turned into a many MONTHS hiatus (sounds like my writing career!) we have decreed NO MORE! We are back and we will be badder than ever. We've got lots of stuff planned this year, recipes, tips, freebie finds etc and stay tuned for a SPECIAL surprise later this year as I FINALLY publish my first novel!

Yup, lots of good stuff in store here at CM, so stick around!


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