Tuesday, December 6, 2011

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

Ouiser here, and I super suck.

Between work and the Wee Man (and the time suck that is Facebook Games) I've not been...bloggy as I should be. That is soon to change however. We hope at any rate. Speaking of changes...

First off: NotQuiteHubby has been upgraded. He is now officially HUBBY. Yup, just barely a month after the ink dried on my divorce decree, we took the plunge (again). So now between us we have 4 kids and 6 marriages*lol* Third times a charm right? (If not, I am NOT doing this again. Ever. For reals...)

Secondly, I'm finally finding some time to start clipping my Q's again. The Q's as of late have been Totally Awesome and I'm getting back to saving my usual 35 percent, which comes in quite handy when accruing Kroger Fuel Points, thereby allowing me to purchase my gas for less than three dollars a gallon. Now that I have a newer car this is a good thing.

Yeah, I finally had to concede that Vince (my 12 year old, but brought brand-spankin-new with only 153 miles on it year 2000 Neon) was no longer suiting my needs. The final straw (or nail in his coffin if you will) came when I was pulling out of my parking lot at work and MY REAR BRAKES SHATTERED AND LOCKED UP.

Two hundred dollars later (thanks Mom!) I found myself in the possession of a newer (thanks new inlaws!) Ford Taurus of which I'm now making payments of 200 dollars a month on. So I sold Vince. At a loss obviously*lol* 400 dollars. Better than nothing I suppose.

We're also planning on moving again. While the Eight Legged Invasion has ceased, we've discovered that we really just live TOO far out in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and it's costing us a fortune (see gas consumption). So come April (yay for tax refunds and bonuses from work!) we're packing up (again) and moving closer to where both our jobs are. Hubby's job is moving to a new facility which is only a mile and a half away from my store so it makes sense to move closer back into town. I am NOT looking forward to packing everything up again but it'll be worth it in the end methinks.

The goal at some point is to become more financially solvent so I can perhaps QUIT my job (thankless, no benefits, I pissed off corporate so I'll never move up in the company) and return to school to obtain a degree in nursing. This will also allow me to spend more time with the Wee Man and see if we can't get to the bottom of his behaviour problem. He's very mean, slaps, bites, hits, headbutts (I even lost a tooth because of this) and will not listen (he can hear just fine but listening is totally different). Thing is, he's only like this to ME, not his daddy or anyone else. I think the boy hates me. :(

Anywho...so now we're in the final stretch of the Holiday Gamut, and I have bought only ONE thing...which hopefully will get here BEFORE Christmas. The bulk of my shopping will be done online, but I'm also doing a stocking stuffer gift for everyone involving gifts in a jar....It's multipurpose see? Yes the initial investment of the ingredients and jar may be a wee pricey(not much though because I buy in bulk from a place called The Country Pantry, which is a Mennonite run store here in town) but the jars can be reused etc, so the investment will be worth it.

After the holidays Truvy and I will be back (hopefully) a little more often with all the randomness and money saving ideas so you can have your own Champagne Mommyhood (on a beer budget!)


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