Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ouiser's Freebie Round-Up 6/5/12

Ouiser here and I'm scouring the web today to find all the best freebies, samples and coupons for you! To start things off here's a PERFECT one for Father's Day:

Free Card (no shipping!) at Cardstore.com when you get to the check out after creating your Father's Day card enter "LUVDAD2" in the promo code spot and your card is FREE. I already created one for the Wee Man to give to Hubby and it should be here in a few days just in time for the 17th.

I LOVE Bodycology, especially the body sprays. I've never tried the lotions so I'm pretty excited to try this one out.

If your have furry friends try this pate topper from Meow Mix (they also send a 1.00 off coupon)
I've gotten lots of neat things from Start Sampling so anything they tend to offer is totally worth the few minutes it takes to fill out the forms.

(copy and paste this in your browser):

Okay why is this thing jacking up my text...seriously. Okay there we go. That took forever and a day...Anyway. I've received the 5 Hour Energy samples before and used them. Given my addiction to Monster Energy Lo-Carb though I couldn't actually tell you if they work or not. But, I work in a convenience store and we sell a metric assload of these and people swear by them. You'll get a random flavor but usually either Berry or Grape (I got lucky and got a Pomegranate one last time)

I just signed up for this one (I chose the dozy night dreams) so if I get it I'll obviously let you know how it goes.

I love Quiznos but haven't been in years. This offer expires on June 8th so don't delay.

I love smelly stuff (provided I'm not allergic to it), simply like them on Facebook and pick three scents to sample. I chose Night Orchid, Deep Wood and Summer Rain.

I will continue to look around today and see what pops up and post it on our FB page and here in bloggy format. Please note that I get a LOT of these links from other sources as well as my own personal research. In our next installation, I'll be sharing some of the freebie sites that I frequent.


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