Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tonight's Dinner: Delicioso

It's kinda Mexican. It's kinda awesome. It's Delicioso. =) Yea, my lame butt just came up with the name. So if you are looking for something scrumdiddlyumptious, try this out. =D

1. Take any thin cut the past I used thin sliced sirloin they had some thin sliced milanesa (i have no clue what it is other than beef, but it looks like it will be super tender!) on markdown, so that's what we are going with. there is 1-1.5 pounds of it...hopefully will feed 6 people and have some leftovers. Anywho, take your meet and cut it into strips roughly 0.5 in by 2 in...don't worry too much...just as long as it is fairly bite-sized, you are fine.

2. Toss your sliced up meat into a bowl. Top with a can of Rotel. I used original today. This recipe was originally created by throwing random things from my pantry together, so this marinade is just what I have tried. Originally I added, in addition to the Rotel, Frank's Red Hot and Tony Chachere's. Today I did Rotel, Frank's Red Hot, black pepper, and garlic powder. Just browse your cabinets and go with what feels right. Put saran wrap over the bowl and stick the whole kit'n'kaboodle in the fridge. Let it sit a little while...I think I let it sit for an hour the first time I made this. This time it will be in there 1-2 hours. If your meat is tough, let it go longer.

3. Get your pan smoking hot. Dump the entire contents of the bowl on in, juice, tomatoes, and all. Cook the meat until it's done, of course.

4. This next part is also a guideline of what I have done. Raid your cabinets and let your tummy and taste buds lead the way. What I do is take a 10 in whole wheat tortilla, heat it up, and spread filling on, then meat, then cheese. The first time the filling was black beans and brown rice that I had leftover from the other night. The cheese I used was Kraft singles. AND IT WAS DELICIOSO! Tonight I will be using black beans and refried beans as the filling and maybe some shredded cheddar cheese. The filling i usually cook in the meat's pan together when the meat is done.

Enjoy! Time for me to go wrangle the youngun and get to work on dinner.


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