Friday, February 22, 2013

I miss my hubby.

First off, HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm back! I, Truvy, have both a laptop *and* internet for the first time in forever. It's pretty awesome.

Now the meat and potatoes. And why I really really miss my hubby.

Our schedules are strange......hubby works 10pm-7am. I usually work in the mornings and occasionally the afternoons and evenings. So here's a typical day when both of use have to work (I'll pick a Wednesday because I always work 5am-2pm):

4:30am-Hubby calls to wake me up and we chat a few minutes while I get dressed and head out the door by 4:45am...pull up at work a little before 5am.

7am-Hubby gets off work (SIL is at the house while we are both away) and comes home to take care of the kiddo.

11am-I typically take my hour lunch break around this time or a little later. So I come home and spend about 40 minutes with the crazy kiddo and hubby and eat something.

2pm-I get off work and come home...kiddo and hubs are asleep.

between 2pm and 4pm, depending what time kiddo went down: wake up the kiddo and do our thing.

8pm-bedtime for kiddo...doesn't always mean sleep, sadly. *sigh*

9:30pm-wake hubs up for work. out the door by 10pm. again, SIL is at the house while I take him to work.

So...the majority of our daily communication is by phone calls and texts. bleh. Better than some people get, yes, but it still isn't any fun. We are blessed to live super close to both our jobs...he works a mile and a half down the road and I work about 7 minutes away. But in a way, when we lived 25 minutes from his job, we got 2 chunks out of each day to chat. Now we only have about 3 minutes once a day since a friend gives him a ride home from work. Unless I'm off, he's off, or he's still awake when I get home.

Another un-fun part is the day before an early morning, an early bedtime would be *magical* for me...but I still have to take him to work. And I would chop my arm off for a nap some days. But instead I sleep in on my off days and lose out on more hubby time...and house cleaning time....but ain't nobody got time fo dat.

However, it is pretty awesome to have the bed to myself. And control of the remote at night. Because the kid controls the TV when she's up.

And now I want to snuggle my hubs.


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