Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Night W(h)ine 2/22

Ouiser here. I'm sick. Again. But I'm not drinking wine. Just whining.

This week has been an adventurous one in the Old Ouiser Homestead. I actually showed some ovarian fortitude and walked out on my job. What does this mean? Essentially nothing as I had a new job the next day. Okay so it pays a quarter an hour less, but am I really going to notice that? Not so much.

However, let it never be said that Ouiser didn't have a plan. I had my coupon binder at the ready and a list of bills that we have every month and a plan by which we could live quite happily on one paycheck. Then again, there's that whole I don't like being at home all the time and NEED to work (c'mon as mommies we NEED a break sometimes*lol*)

Now granted, I didn't walk into work Monday with the INTENT of quitting my job, although I knew that it was a distinct possibility given the current situation with a certain member of Corporate who had had a target on my ever expanding ass for years (I was with the company for over 5 years just to give you a little idea there). Long story short, finally promoting me was the opportunity she needed to try and get rid of me. So anyway, going into work I knew that it was a possibility. I was correct. The Evil Corporate Scum wrote me up. Again. Mainly because they didn't like the fact that I followed policy and called them out on it when they wrote me up for following their own policy which had not changed since 1991. Whatever. So I stripped off my shirt, threw it on the floor and told my manager that I was sorry, but I was done with the ECS BS and told her to tell the ECS to go 'f..k herself' and walked out essentially in my pants and bra (I had a tank top on but you really couldn't tell). Now I've become something of a folk hero to former (and disgruntled) employees of that particular company. Perhaps I should get a fan page??

But naturally, right after that, I got sick. I officially have no sense of taste or smell. Oddly it has not caused my blood pressure to go up much. Yeah ol' Ouiser had to go to the hospital last month (yay insurance) due to waaaaay out of control blood pressure. Sadly, because it'd been so high so long I do have some minor heart damage. This however, if I follow doctor's orders and take my meds, should not shorten my lifespan in any way so I'll be here kicking around and causing general mayhem for years to come. Besides someone's gotta teach the Wee Man how to curse properly...

Now pass the kleenex please?

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