Thursday, April 11, 2013

Did She REALLY Just Say That??? Part Two

Ouiser here. The three of us have a myriad of health issues going on from spider bites, to rare disorders causing raging boils on random parts of the body... I submit for your pleasure this installment of

Did She REALLY Just Say That??

okay thats fucking it
i need a bubble
do you have any ground cumin?

ass boil check... spider bite on neck check.... shit on stomach check... bash myself in the cheek bone and eye with the computer as I am getting out of bed check... wasp landing in my hair as I walk outside causing me to turn into ninja and hit myself in the face with the computer again... double fucking check .
doubt it aimee why
honey has excellent antimicrobial properties as well
lol and ack!
and lol
I have honey!
from a local farm!
smear some honey on that ass
b/c u take ground cumin and add enough water for a p[aste and slather that on the ass boil
omg im going to have a giant kill the boil salad on my ass tomorrow hahahaha

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