Friday, May 11, 2012

Mommygasm: Defined

I got high tonight....on education. =)

In my hometown, where I still live, there is a magical secret which I have just Organic School. Not like crunchy, hippy in the sense that every child is a unique individual. Their beliefs in childhood education mirror my own from learning through nature and doing to learning at their own pace.

I can already tell Lil Bit will learn by doing, much like myself. The kid just turned 2 in March, and she is already trying to sing the alphabet. She even gets it right some of the time, parts anyway. Like "ABC ABC ABC LMNO QRS ABC ABC Now I ABC ABC ABC ABC. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thank you, thank you." Childhood prodigy I tell ya! Lol.

So I have dubbed my almost endless squeeing as a mommygasm. It was seriously like a high. I kept clicking different links on the school website looking for a bigger buzz. It's addicting. =) Luckily my sister came home, and I could force her to look at the website. That is the only way to come off a high that good. Bahahahaha.

And before I finish, here is an update on the bedtime front...SHE WENT TO BED AT 6:30PM TONIGHT and has yet to wake up. =D No tears, just some playing and reading and she snuggled in for a long summer's nap. Today was a day of win, really. Last night she fell asleep around 8PM, woke up about an hour later, went back to sleep about 30 minutes later, then slept until just before 7AM. We had breakfast, I tried to catch a few more winks, and then we went to the park and grabbed my Grandma's pants from the cleaners. When we got home we played on the porch and in the yard armed with sidewalk chalk, colored bubbles, and a garden hose. She had a blast. No nap, but we had an impromptu second lunch with my sister-in-law. After dinner we had another round of chalk, bubbles, and garden hose. Lil Bit got to run around in the front yard in her Applejack panties like a boss while she slung the garden hose around screaming "Got you! Got you!" at me. Then we both took a bath, put on jammies, and by 5pm, we were both ready for bed....of course, you see where I am now at midnight, but that is beside the point. Bahahaha.

And now, Mommy must head to bed to prepare for another potential 7AM wake up call.


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