Tuesday, May 8, 2012

...AAAAAAANNNNNDDDD We're Back. Again.

Granted we didn't actually LEAVE in the first place, but whatever. I'm still too much of a weenie to hit submit on that form I was telling you about in the last entry. But...I will. "Boxes and Doors" is still coming along. Slowly but surely.

Wee Man has been chattering and jabbering up a storm as of late. He's actually using REAL words now as opposed to...gibberish. We even got a full sentence out of him the other day! We will TRY to overlook that it was "NO!Don't like clothes!"

Have to admit, it's straight and to the point though.

Most of his winter clothes have now been repurposed into spring wear. HOPEFULLY we won't have another cold snap up here otherwise he'll freeze his butt off. I've had to now take ALL of his feetie pajamas and cut the feet out up to the zipper, remove the sleeves and zip them up backwards, pretty much making him little sunsuits. I'm thinking that perhaps this weekend or next, I'll actually completely dismantle one of them to use as a pattern, get some material (on sale of course!) and try and see what I can whip up. Truvy is the seamstress around here though. Too bad she lives like 300 miles away otherwise I'd totally be hiring her to come make Will a new wardrobe.

The freebie finds have been piling in my snail mail box and I have some pretty awesome ones on the way. The best one so far was a bottle of Bayer Advanced yesterday. It also came with a two dollar off coupon. If you keep up with the FB page, I'll start posting some of the links to freebie finds daily. Everyone knows I need a hobby yes?

Ouiser(don't call it a come back!)

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