Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zombie Mommy

Sleep......it is so wonderful. So why on Earth does my child not like it anymore? She has been on the worst sleep regression of all time. Nap? No thanks. Go to bed before midnight? Psh, Mommy please. Oi. The worst days are when she doesn't take a nap at all...the lack of sleep causes her to want to stay up super uber late. If I can wrestle her into a nap, bedtime is a wee bit more manageable. But I have figured it out...if she isn't asleep before Tiana turns into a frog, naptime is hopeless. I was, however, able to get her to sleep before 9:30pm Sunday night. We will overlook the fact that the child who wakes up at 9am like clockwork usually decided to follow the advice of her jammies and get "up with the sun" at 6:40am. I blame my mom for picking out those jammies for her to wear that night. Lol.

But last night....was heaven! My sister-in-law asked if Lil Bit could have a sleepover. A choir of angels appeared as she asked. So when Lil Bit woke up from her noon-3pm nap, I took her on over. I actually got to rest! I made the most of it by having a red velvet cupcake and a glass (ok, maybe 3) of wine. Then I corralled my sister into a Bones marathon and junk food. It was marvelous! I even slept til noon today! Every Mommy needs a break like that once in a while. Especially during a 2 year old's unruly sleep regression. I'm picking her up tonight at 7pm...let's hope tonight is an easy one.

We are also potty training right now. Yesterday from about 7:30am-noon we went panties only. She has about 10 pair of panties. She peed in every single one...and 2 or 3 of them got peed in again after i did a load of laundry. But after the third accident, she start saying "Mommy help!" every time she got wet...so I will take that as progress. I think tonight I will make cookies so I can bribe her to actually go in the potty this time. Any tips and tricks are more than welcome. I keep her potty in the living room aimed at the TV in hopes it will help her sit still long enough to go. Hopefully Caillou can help us make some progress tomorrow.

And on that note, I bring you this...

I found it while searching for potty training videos. I want to put it on a CD so we can go down the streets ballin.


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