Monday, March 11, 2013

Did She Really Say That???

We have a new feature here on Champagne Mommyhood called "Did She REALLY Just Say That?" In it you'll find snippets of conversations between Truvy, M'Lynn and myself as well as possibly others. For our first installation:

T: awwwww hubs just baked cookies n brought me some w/ milk.
M: aw yay
O: aww maybe his pms is abating
T: I sure hope so
M: I am so glad I don't have hubby pms to deal with
I really have no interest in dating whatsoever.
T: lol
but you also don't get makeup cookies
M: Every once in awhile im like aw I need a man than im like hell no aint nobody got time for that
I can make myself make up cookies
T: lol!!!!
I know that feel as well

the only hard part is waiting til they firm up to eat them......
That could totally be taken 2 ways
im dieing here
I think I just peed my pants
*blinks* Did Truvy really just say that???

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