Friday, March 15, 2013

That Couldn't Wait?

Truvy here with more random things my kid says. I really ought to invest in a tape recorder.

Just now I went to the potty. As I sat there, the kid kept informing me, via yelling across the house, that she wanted to watch Caillou. Then she trots down the hall and says she needs to pee-pee. So she sits on her potty all the while telling me how she wants to watch Caillou. Then she suddenly stops and says "OK, I'm gonna pee-pee now." She does her business, says "I'm a big girl," informs me yet again that she wants to watch Caillou, and trots back to the living room. When I get out to the living room, smarty-pants has already pulled up an episode of Caillou on Netflix (thanks a lot Windows 8) and is happily watching it. Crazy child....

Lil Bit's birthday is tomorrow...she will be 3. Ugh! We were shopping for some things for her party, and she felt it was her sworn duty to inform every child we saw that her birthday is soon. At all three stores.

Hubby was playing with her yesterday and laid on her tummy. He was addressing her as "pillow." She kept saying "No, Daddy! I'm [Lil Bit]!" She does this any time you call her something other than her name. Unless she initiates it. One night I was Mommy Dinosaur and she was Baby Dinosaur the entire time she was helping me with laundry and dinner. It was awesome. <3

Wednesday night, she couldn't she ended up in bed with me somehow. She was playing with stickers and one ripped. Then you hear a distressed voice saying, "It's broken!" Then, very sullenly, "I'll never be happy again."

On morning she came up to me and said she had a baby and a heart in her tummy. =/ Not for another 30 years, kid.

"i yike naked! i want naked my booooty. my boooooty!" *booty shaking commences* <--A Facebook post from last week.

The same night of the sticker-ripping tragedy, I may or may not have passed gas. "Mommy! You farted again!" "Excuse me." "Thank you Mommy."

She also put a pair of my panties on as a Borat-style swimsuit...that was flipping hilarious. And she kept wiggling her booty and dancing around. I'm thinking it will be an excellent submission for her Senior yearbook.

Needless to say, I am not at a loss for daytime entertainment in this house.

And now I am being summoned to paint a picture "together! *jump*"

<3 Truvy

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