Friday, June 3, 2011

Tonight We Dine In Itchy Hell...Please Pass The Meatloaf

As if my health wasn't screwy enough....over the past 2-3 weeks I have faced seasonal allergies (*yawn* so used to this cycle, bring it on), pink eye (what is this new fresh hell!?), and a sinus infection (did i swallow glass??). Now that all that fun stuff seems to be wrapping up, I am faced with a much darker nemesis. The evil *sha-sha-sha* *whispered* bed bug.
I feel like throwing anything cloth out...couches and bed included.....and most of our clothes...that part actually isn't such a bad idea. And to top things off, I don't get another off day until Monday. So, basically, I can't deal with the pesky demon until then.
I do believe I identified the offending infested fabric delight. Just so happens it is my wonderful pluuuuush mattress pad that makes you feel like you're sleeping on cotton candy. I just washed it the other day, the fricking day before I noticed my first bite. It is now sitting outside the front door waiting to be whisked away to le dumpster.
Has anyone dealt with this tiny evil before? I am totally open to any and all tips you have for me.
Until then, I will spend tonight on the couch. And every night until I can beat these suckers.
I'm totally going Chuck Norris on them.
<3 Truvy

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